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FDI flow low despite policy support

A recently held dialogue organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AMCHAM) revealed that the country is not getting foreign direct investments (FDIs) at an expected level

Let market mechanism work as usual during Ramzan too

MEDIA reports mentioned that prices of many Ramzan essentials have become dearer both in the retail and wholesale markets ahead of the holy month of Ramzan despite taking several

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Immense pleasure :It gives us immense pleasure that Bangladesh handed New Zealand a fabulous victory by five wickets in their last match of the Tri-nation International Cricket Tournament concluded

Honouring cultural factors in development plans

Dr. Hanif Hassan Al Qassim :More than 7 billion people live on this planet spread among 7 continents, 194 states of the United Nations (UN) and numerous other non-self-governing

Slow growth stalls SDGs` progress

Tharanga Yakupitiyage :The world will not be on track to eradicate poverty by 2030 if current growth trends continue, a UN task force found.Wu Hongbo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and

The quest for sustainable urbanization

Joan Erakit :On a busy Friday afternoon, the number 1 subway train heading north through Manhattan's Westside comes out of a dark tunnel -and if one takes a minute

Heatwave and people`s suffering

THE country is witnessing a mild heatwave as the over heated sun in this sultry weather of May is causing untold sufferings to people going to outdoor business. Even

Terrorists are hired killers and anti-Muslim

NEARLY 1,000 soldiers have been deployed on Britain's streets to support police in the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing, as the UK remains on critical terror alert amid

Protecting children from downing-deaths

Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque :I wrote a lot about Child Safety drawing the attention of the Government and NGOs. My works touching upon this problem appeared in journals and vEnglish

Corporal punishment is devil's work

Shahida Kamar :I am evidence to the fact that people can change their ways and bad habits.As a mother of two boys (Onik, 15 and Refat 12) and one girl

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Frequent question papers leakage!Agrani Bank's recruitment test for senior officers was postponed yesterday because of leaked questions. This is becomingly an increasingly common phenomenon in our country and the authorities

Teacher-students ratio must improve at secondary level

REPORT brought out by Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) disclosed that secondary education is facing growing setback to make it accessible to all mainly due to

Chaos at Islami Bank is not to the nation`s interest

THE unrest in the Islami Bank -- the largest and most profitable bank in the country just over five months of its change over to a new management and

Saving world`s forest resources

Baher Kamal  :Humankind is the biggest ever predator of natural resources. Just take the case of forests, the real lungs of Mother Earth, and learn that every 60 seconds humans

Addressing the impacts of climate-induced migration

Tharanga Yakupitiyage  :As the world focuses on conflict-related migration and displacement, with an unprecedented 60 million fleeing from war and persecution, others are pointing to a less discussed trigger of

Globalisation is falling victim to bad politics

Globalisation has gotten a bad rap. The Trump White House associates it with all manner of economic evil, especially job loss. The administration has made un-doing the damage a central

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Confederations Cup FootballThe 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will be its 10th edition, a quadrennial international men's football tournament organised by FIFA. It will be held in Russia from 17 June

Confusions over new VAT law must go

THE government must act quickly to remove confusion about the new VAT law as to what the final rate will be and how it is going to impact business.

Police can`t commit excesses like politicians

MEMBERS of law enforcement agencies or police for that matter surely have the professional right to conduct search operations based on accurate tip-offs but that doesn't mean it can

Caring the vulnerable street children

Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque:A number of national and international organizations including state department of USA, Amnesty International, Transparency International and various human rights groups regularly publish annual reports on human

Let us hope for a Fistula free Society

Rifat Zafreen :Saleha, 45, suffering from Fistula is rejected and shown sympathy while her husband and only young son has been asked her to stay at the cowshed! Like Saleha

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Building a society fit for childrenApproximately 43 percent of our 160 million population are minors, of which 13 percent are deprived of their rights. Bangladesh ratified the Convention on the

Reformist Rouhani got a second term hopefully

IRAN'S reformist President Hassan Rouhani has decisively won the country's Presidential Election, according to official results, fending off a challenge by rival Ebrahim Raisi. With all of votes in

Jewellery business in Bangladesh cannot be run legally

THE jewellery business in Bangladesh has reportedly been thriving despite there being no import of gold into the country through legal channels. First of all the prevailing predicament is

The unstoppable destruction of forests

Baher Kamal  :The world's forests are being degraded and lost at a staggering rate of 3.3 million hectares per year. While their steady destruction in many Asian countries continues apace,

Gender violence blocking durable peace

Tharanga Yakupitiyage  :Sexual violence is increasingly used as a tactic of terrorism and thus must be addressed as a peace and security issue, officials said at a United Nations Security

Harnessing benefits of blue economy for all stakeholders

Lori Silberman Brauner  :In just a few weeks, the United Nations is convening a world gathering to discuss the health of the world's oceans and seas, with member states, government

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Truth is always harder  We thank Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha for his comment which he made at a judicial conference at Tangail circuit house on May 17, 2017. He

Road safety a far cry unless accurate data available

ABSENCE of a comprehensive database on the Road Transport sector is a major obstacle to framing future policies, conducting research and finding out remedies to ensure road safety in

Now Islami Bank is found playing with people`s money

NOW it is the country's newly-formed Board of Islami Bank Bangladesh that has been reported to approve loans to a number of clients without following the due course of