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Saturday, May 26, 2018 07:42:03 PM
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Poet Zazabar Osman in the epopee world

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Now in this present world those poems are highly admirable which serve the anecdote for human being and bear the best values of human development. Thus, parity, humanity, justice, democracy, beautifying the nature and earth for the sake of mankind, take a

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Ataturk Kamal Pasha :
The universe was created by God. Human being made the earth beautiful and viable for living. Human being is to protect the earth from destruction. As well, they are the only creature to strive on earth in any situation, any disaster.
While man started to live in society, two inevitable things they invented: 1) they started to work for their daily food and necessaries and 2) for their leisure moment they started to innovate some recreational activities for themselves. Among those are art and literature. And the man/woman who greatly contributes through his/her better inventory works for mankind is remembered in all ages, he/she becomes immortal.
In seventeenth century and in early of eighteenth, there came two opinions of the literary intellectuals; i.e. a. art for art's sake and b. art for men's sake. Later the members of 'art for man’s sake’ gathered more and more. Their arguments were strong; anything created for the betterment of mankind will go on in future. Respecting this view of man’s creativity in art and culture world’s craftsmen started to create and innovate various art and literary ways for making human being's leisure moments more cheerful and healthy. Poetry is one of the best ways to serve merriment and make mankind's relax times more joyful.
Now in this present world those poems are highly admirable which serve the anecdote for human being and bear the best values of human development. Thus, parity, humanity, justice, democracy, beautifying the nature and earth for the sake of mankind, take as the prime matter of modern poetry. The poetry which bears the most of these criteria is treated contributory creativity of a poet. Accordingly, poet Zazabar Osman’s ‘To Colonel Muammer Al Gaddafi’ is an achievement towards was justice. At the verge of the last century the crying need for the people a good model of justice. That was demonstrated by poet Zazabar Osman in his ‘To Colonel Muammer Al Gaddafi’ where he writes -
O thou came as bright comet in the dark,
And lighted the whole country with shift of spark,
Corruption soon disappeared with hasty pale,
Justice prevailed with Omar, the great’s tale.
The knave entered into their secret den,
Injustice took farewell with zionist pen.
His glittering verses kow tow towards justice and was much appreciated. This book was published in 1975 in an epic style which at once drew the attention of the intellectual society for its wonderful verses and wailings for democracy.
Later Zazabar  Osman continued to write other poems, novels, epics focusing his earnest desire to support betterments of the citizens of the world.
From infancy Zazabar Osman used to write poems and articles on various magazines and newspaper. In Lahore, at his varsity life, before liberation of Bangladesh he used to write poems and articles on the doctrines of similitude rights of the East Pakistanis' and of the destitute of the world on the daily Dawn and other contemporary dailies and magazines.
After liberation of Bangladesh he started to write poems and articles on the dailies of Bangladesh viz. the Banglar Banee, the daily Observer, the Morning News, the Jonokontho, the Jugantor, the weekly Dhaka, the Khobor and other renowned dailies.
Meanwhile four prominent Bengali poetry books were published during 1990.
These were: 1) Sonalee Digonter Prothikshay (Waiting for a golden era), 2) Juddho Noy Shantee (Peace, not war), 3) Havater Prarthona (Prayer for food), 4) SongbortaDboni (Cry). Through these books readers came to know Zazabar Osman more intensely. His magnificent free verses charmed the readers and many other poets became overwhelmed with his queer and fantastic techniques of using the free verse in poems. In his poem, ‘Peace not war’ he howls:
“The earth is in torn ringing the crown with dismay bell/
Contest, fighting, quarrel made the landscape of earth to hell . . .
O survivors, the destitute members of world be arouse
To make the earth as a new peaceful house.”
In his poems there is an enthusiastic call to the human being for getting up in bringing peace, democracy, equal justice in societies and in the world. The address and appeal is inherited from the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and Ismail Hossen Shirazee.
Zazabar Osman's another remarkable work has been published in 2000, a memorable epopee in Bangla named by 'Rahumukti' dealing in the barbaric genocide of the Pakistani rule and of liberation War of Bangladesh. The whole history is fabricating in free verse with courageous and bold epical words and rhymes which is a model of modern epopee poetry to the future poets for which the coming generations and literary personalities will remember him through years. It is the great achievement of Zazabar Osman.
Recently, this year he fabricated epopee ‘Democracy wins’ which is to be evaluated.. Literary history evidenced that throughout the world, till today, almost 23 epics are found. His epic is very large containing about 34,000 lines and absorbs the best characteristics of a model epopee as can be defined. Epic must grow with historic fable or historic war. This epic is weaved with the history of the war of freedom of the United States of America and of the fighters for democracy of that time. Language of an ‘Epopee’ need to be grave and sound which we can see here. This is written in iambic pentameter there is good measurement of rhymes in every line and verse.
At the preface we mentioned that a person becomes immortal through his best deeds and donations to the mankind. Poet Zazabar Osman with his creativity, particularly for his humanistic appeal, urge for democracy and justice and presentation of epic-being a bright exception in this modern age, will be remembered to the literary world through ages. n            
(The writer is a columnist and a litterateur)

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