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Thursday, June 14, 2018 03:17:03 PM
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Secrets of Punam Priyam`s success

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Entertainment Report :
Punam Priyam is a popular media personality in Bangladesh. She is an anchor, producer and writer. In an interview with The New Nation, she has shared her life story and her views on different professional and personal issues. Details below:
1. In our male dominated society men are still considered as superior to women. What's your view on this attitude?
A: I don't agree. I am a good example that men and women can be equal. When I was born women were believed to be existed for domestic life only. So, I had to work hard for being self-reliant. Since my childhood I have always been very ambitious and wanted to be independent. I tried to take the major responsibilities of my family. As an adult, in spite of being a working woman I look after my household activities.
2. Two reasons behind women's success!
A: I believe the level of concentration and effort they put into their work is the most important. Women are natural multitaskers as they have to manage both the household works and work life. I believe women are fast learners and amazing listeners. Women, being focused and honest, are likely to succeed in professional life.
3. Share your views on today's generation.
A: Today's generation is certainly very motivated, ambitious, innovative and intelligent. I believe if they remain a little more focused from younger age it will definitely benefit them. Guiding them through the right path can definitely ensure a bright future for them.
4. What are the secrets behind your success?
A: I am very passionate about my work. I don't know if I am completely successful or not, but I have worked very hard and struggled a lot throughout my life to be who am I today.
5. Qualities of men you like!
A: A man should be understanding and with a very good sense of humor. They should also be respectful to women and put their ego away. Most importantly, a man should treat women equally.
6. Your motherhood experience...
A: Fantastic! My only daughter Seemon Ishtiaque is the light of my life and she is always in my mind regardless of where we are. Since she was in Ireland for her primary and secondary education, I miss her childhood and adolescent years a lot. We have an amazing friendship and understanding as mother and daughter. She is the best gift bestowed upon me from the Almighty!
7. Your inspiration!
A: My mother! She is very simple but with a broad and modern mentality. Since my childhood, she has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.
8. How much influence can a man have on a woman's life?
A: Significantly. A father is an important person of a family. What they do and teach their daughters have a significant influence. Similarly, husbands treat their wives as equal and with respect. They should also encourage their wives for working.
 9. How many times a day you stand in front of the mirror?
A: Well, before shooting a program, I have to be in front of a mirror. However, I stand in front of mirror to check my skin health. I believe it's the best asset I have, which I've to take care of.
10. Is physical fitness important in career?
A: If you are fit you will think positivity and be confidence. However, we have to accept the physical changes coming with age. Outer beauty is not everything.
11. Definition of Bengali women in your eyes!
A: Bengali girls are strong, confident, graceful, and elegant with something special in them. Most of them are highly qualified. They are helping Bangladesh to be a better country.
12. Long time in media!
A: I have worked on various projects where there were always different things to do. Thus, every project seems to me the very first one. I produced a TV show Studior Laal Deyaley also.
13. Dreamed to be an anchor!
A: Not at all. I wanted to be a doctor as it was my dad's dream. Being a host/anchor happened out of nowhere. I was not prepared at the time but after I started doing it, I enjoyed it. It is my biggest passion.
14. What is your view on fashion as a media personality?
A: Fashion changes with time. I think style and taste in fashion reflect the person.
15. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Do you believe that?
A: Haha! Yes definitely! However, behind every successful person, there has to be a strong support from many, not a single person. Family being a source of support is very important.
16. You were the winner of Anando Bichitra  Photoshundori contest 1989 of Bangladesh. How was your feeling?
 A: I felt a dream came true! I was amazed I was awarded that!
17. Secret of your success!
A: Success is something that changes human life. My 30-year career in media has both positive and negative experiences, but I managed to stand on my meet alone overcoming those. My friends and family members believed in me and always inspired me.
 18. As a writer!
A: I started writing from my childhood in many newspapers. I have written 15 books on women, cooking, satire, lifestyle, make up etc. I got many awards for writing stories in my school and college life. Some of my books are based on my own life experiences.

19. Media as a profession!
A: Direction is very interesting and creative profession. You really have to gather so many ideas together to come up with something new each time. It's challenging but it's wonderful. Meeting and working with celebrities is something I love.

20. Your fascination!
A: Music. Especially, classical music. I just love the peace I get from listening to those. Music helps me escape from all stresses.

23. What is an icon?
A: My ultimate icons are my mother and Audrey Hepburn.

24. You are a role model for many people. What do you think about it?
A: It makes me happy that people consider me as their role model! I have an advice for this generation. Don't be upset when you fail once. Get up and do it again. Boost your level of confidence and you will reach your goal.

25. How is the experience of working on a recent international event?
A: I attended Panchakobi Konnya Riddhi Bandhapadhdhay's 20 years of musical career celebration on 29th May 2018 at ICCR. Many legends such as actor Soumitra Chottopadhdhay, film maker Goutam Ghosh, writer Nabanita Deb Sen and other notable famous media personalities were present. I feel really honored to be invited as a special guest from Bangladesh Channel i. I was able to represent Bangladesh. Fashion designer Biplob Saha, dance artist Ivan Shahriar Sohag, makeup artist Zahid Khan and I were honoured with crests and flowers by the organisation.
30. Your skin care!
A: In my bag, I always have a mini make up kit with a moisturizer, serum and a nice lipstick. I wash my face thrice a day with a good brand face wash. I make sure to remove my make up before going to sleep. I always take care of my skin and that is why, even after forty, I still look beautiful.
31. Definition of rain in your view!
A: Rain makes me think of black clouds, green grass, hot khichuri with fried egg, reading Nihar Ranjan Gupt's 'Kiriti Omnibas' with a cup of hot tea. I also love the sound of rain which is like music.
32. Your work experience with Lux Channel i superstar show in Dubai!
A: It was challenging but I enjoyed it. In 2008 and 2009, I was assigned to select dresses for artists according to their character for the program, making sure they look nice, traditional and cultural. I had to research to understand their needs, personalities for selecting suitable dresses.
33. You are connected with Channel i from the beginning.
A: Yes, Channel i, which is like a family and a second home to me, has become one of the best channels of Bangladesh. I am very grateful to Mr. Faridur Reza Sagar and Mr.Shayeekh Siraj for being very supportive throughout my career.

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