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Tuesday, June 2, 2020 01:45:55 PM
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Values Education

It's Significance & Necessity For Social Discipline

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Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid :
Human birth is neither in vain nor miracle but also meaningful, important and dedicated to the Creator. The importance of values is immense in this meaningful life of man. Values are the principles and standards governing human behavior. It is through the education of values that the traditions, customs, ideals of the society are developed. It plays a key role in a society, state, economic and political excellence. We are real people or great beings only if there are values in life. The Creator sent everyone to contribute to the development of human services or civilization in this world. We now have to think how and in what ways we can contribute.
The values education accelerates the mental development of the citizenry, which facilitates the path of good governance and eliminates social degradation. So it plays an important role as a guideline for the individual's life. The responsibility of raising values in the lives of students is mainly from respected teachers, guardians and respected individuals. One of the means of building values is family, school, community, playmates, society and traditions. The value of life lies in making students aware of their duties and responsibilities. If they can sow seeds of value within them, they will be prompt, seeking; Life will be fertile and successful, otherwise their lives will be worthless. Humans are the best animals of conscience, exercising control over other speechless creatures and nature and using them to improve their quality of life. So it is important to have values in people's lives. In the absence of teachers and guardians, the area of perception can be expanded by studying the books stored in the library.
Democratic, social, political, cultural, religious, professional, moral, intellectual, personal, physical and recreational values contribute to the stable development of a state or society, although there is a difference in values between space and time. In the same society, different values are seen. Every human being in the world has responsibilities and duties which can be ensured by the implementation of the standard of living of the society. Obedience to parents' orders and instructions, dressing-up, discipline, etiquette, beautify, respect for religion, not to interfere with other religions, do not think their religion superior to the state, respect for the elderly, tolerance, charity, hospitality, justice, wrong-inappropriate judgments, honesty, simplicity, obedience, giving thanks to the creator, responding to national issues, patriotism, helping attitude to everyone such helpless, engaging in the suffering of people, moving them to extinguish a fire in a place and executing the own responsibility in an honest and orderly way are all part of these values. Student life is a great time to get an idea of values. The joint initiative of the student-teacher-guardian, governing body can instill values in the lives of every student in the society. National values, national discipline and stability depend on the values of the individual.
Since in the modern state, the state takes care of all its citizens, it is the responsibility of the state to nurture values and create an environment of its practice. At the root of degradation are issues such as lack of good governance, religious bigotry, intolerance and gross indecency. It is unacceptable that the education of values distinguishes the human way of life from the animal; Makes people civilized,  sensitive and sophisticated. On the contrary, worthless education lowers people to lower levels of animal. Therefore, there is no substitute for establishing democratic values, rule of law, proper application of penal code, expansion of moral education and spreading religious sentiment in the public. So to keep the country at a tolerable level of crime, including preventing the horrors of women and children being raped. Only values can save us from this terrible curse. A civilization in the history of the world cannot be found which has been created by the immersion of education. Therefore, in order to form a nation with moral values, to build a society without a degradation and a crime, values education and promotion of values must be spread among the citizens.
Feedback is an essential part of effective learning: An evaluation
Feedback helps students understand the subject being studied and gives them clear guidance on how to improve their learning. Academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to learning outcomes than any other teaching behavior. Feedback can improve a student's confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning. Providing students engage with feedback, it should enhance learning and improve overall classroom performance. Feedback is powerful when it reduces the gap between where the student is and where s/he is meant to be. Feedback should therefore be useful when it helps students minimize this gap, by addressing fundamental feedback questions including "where am I going", "how am I going", and "where to next".
The feedback that reduces the weakness of the students can be provided in many ways such as through affective processes, increased effort, motivation or engagement, by providing students with different cognitive processes, restructuring understandings, confirming to the student that they are correct or incorrect, indicating that more information is available or needed, pointing to directions that the students could pursue, and indicating alternative techniques to understand particular learning concepts . When students understand their goals and what success at those goals look like, then the feedback is more powerful. Feedback allows students to set further appropriately challenging goals as the previous ones are attained, thus establishing the conditions for ongoing learning. By having clear goals, students are more likely to attend to reducing the gap instead of overstating their current status, or claiming various attributions that reduce effort and engagement. Feedback at this level can enhance students' skills in self-evaluation, provide greater confidence to engage further on the task. When students can monitor and self-regulate their learning they can more effectively use feedback to reduce discrepancies between where they are in their learning and the desired outcomes or successes of their learning.
Significance of feedback to the students: (1) Feedback indicates the way to students how the information they are receiving will help them progress toward their learning outcomes. (2) Feedback shared in a group setting could cause learners to feel like they have to compete with their peers. (3) Giving information to the students about the ways they are studying, reading, searching for information or answering questions can be invaluable. When students have access to this information, they develop an awareness of their learning and are more easily able to recognize mistakes and eventually develop strategies for tackling weak points . (4) In school, learners are often unclear about the specific goal of a task or lesson, so it is crucial to remind them about the goal and the criteria by which they should self-assess. (5) Effective feedback is concrete, specific, and useful; it provides actionable information. Effective teachers/supervisors and education administrators work hard to carefully observe and comment on what they observed, based on a clear statement of teaching learning environment. Effective supervisors also know that in complex performance situations, actionable feedback about what went right is as important as feedback about what didn't work.  As educators, we should work to figure out ways to ensure that students get more timely feedback and opportunities to use it while the attempt and effects are still fresh in their minds. (6) The more feedback students can receive in real time, the better their ultimate performance will be. It is telling, too, that performers are often judged on their ability to adjust in light of feedback. (7) To be useful, feedback must be consistent. Clearly, students can only adjust their performance successfully if the information feedback to them is stable, accurate, and trustworthy. Teachers need to look at student work together, becoming more consistent over time and formalizing their judgments in highly descriptive supported by anchor products and performances. (8) The ability to improve one's learning outcomes depends on the ability to adjust one's pace in light of ongoing feedback that measures performance against a concrete, long-term goal.
Evaluate students performance through formative assessment and later on through summative assessment, use more pre and post tests to measure progress toward these standards, and do the item analysis to note what each student needs to work on for better future performance. So Teachers should try it out. Less teaching, more feedback. Less feedback that comes only from you, and more tangible feedback designed into the performance itself.
(Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid, Research Officer, District Education Office, Secondary and Higher Education, Munshiganj)

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