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Saturday, April 4, 2020 02:35:04 PM
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Development of speaking skills

Communicative teaching technology in English lessons

 Communicative teaching technology in English lessons
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Burieva Raykhon Xayrullaevna :
Annotation: Communicative teaching is perhaps the most popular approach to foreign language. It usually prioritizes fluency over accuracy and it is therefore vital to obtain and design study materials which will closely resemble real life communicative situations. A spoken speech corpus could be an excellent source of this kind of materials, and the article speculates on the benefits that a corpus-based approach may bring to teaching English as a foreign language. The article briefly outlines the history of creation and main features of the spoken speech corpus data in a classroom. The article focuses on several phonetical, lexical, sociolinguistic, discursive and communicative characteristics and can provide an invaluable foundation for fluency practice activities in a foreign language lesson.

Key Words:  Methodology of teaching languages, communicative approach, study materials communicative teaching technology, differentiated learning technology, modular training technology, information and communication technologies (ICT), the technology of using computer programs, Internet based technology, individualization training technology, testing technology, project technology.

Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages is not prestige, but a necessity. President of Uzbekistan Republic Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyayev in his message to the teachers of our country "To improve the sphere of teaching foreign language, especially English language" noted that in order to ensure the competitiveness of the country and its citizens proposed phased implementation of the cultural project 'Learning Languages', according to which we need to develop  languages: Uzbek as the state language, English  as a language of international communication and as the language of successful integration into the global economy.

So, English teachers have a task competently teach English language. As time goes by, science and education are rapidly developing. During this time, foreign language teaching has undergone many changes. New forms, methods, approaches and learning technologies revealed in education. These areas meet modern requirements include innovative teaching technologies. Thus, the following educational technologies are used in the teaching of foreign languages:
-communicative teaching technology;
-differentiated learning technology;
-modular training technology;
-information and communication technologies (ICT);
-the technology of using computer programs;
-internet based technology;
-individualization training technology;
-testing technology;
-project technology;
-collaborative learning technology;
-games technology;
-technology of critical thinking development and so on.
Here is the effectiveness of the technology in the development of communicative teaching speaking skills in English among them. Consequently, the main purpose of foreign language teaching is to develop communicative competence. Communicative teaching technology is aimed at building communicative competence training, which is the base needed to adapt to modern conditions of intercultural communication.
Description of communicative teaching technologies:
1. Learner acts as a client and as a counselor and teacher observer;
2. Native language is not used;
3. Grammatical and lexical materials are given in the form of induction;
4. Educational write text to disk, listen, check out the original form and pronunciation skills;
5. Use of active interaction.
The main participant in communicative-oriented teaching is learner. The teacher plays the role of the supervisor, advisor, organizer of the training activities of the learner, at the same time teacher is the person entering into communication and researcher. Relationships between them as the subject to subject, allowing equal communication both sides.
The main factor of efficiency, activity, creativity training is his strong motivation to the subject, deep reasoning and desire to learn the language. Communicative needs of learners, which is organized by the teacher, should be aimed at motivation. Speaking- is verbal communication, i.e. verbal communication process with the help of language.
There are the following types of speech: dialogue and monologue. The simplest kind of speech is a dialogue, i.e. conversation; the interlocutors supported jointly discuss and decide any questions. The second type of speech is a monologue where one person addresses to another or to many persons who hear it. This is a story of teacher, detailed response of the learner, report, etc. Monologue is very difficult type of communicative technology in comparing with the dialogic speech, its expanded forms in the ontogeny develop later, especially in English lessons, and thus, teachers have to solve this task during all the years of training.
Here are some examples of making dialogues: Make up dialogues, using the words and expressions given below; use disjunctive questions and the expressions so do I, neither do I.
1. At Home
to pack, to have a lot to do, to have … at one's disposal, to forget, to book, an upper berth, a lower berth, anything will do, don't bother, to order a taxi, to miss the train, to mind, to go by bus.
2. At the Booking-office
can I have a ticket to …, what's the fare, a first-class sleeper, a second-class sleeper, a through train, to change, you will have to …, a fast train, a slow train, no vacant seats, there is nothing to be done, a dining-car, I think so.
3. At the Station
here we are, to see off, to see to the luggage, the left-lug  gage, the enquiry office, to look up the time-table, to collect one's luggage, a carriage, a compartment, a seat, to come along , the train, to start,, to get on the train, to say goodbye, a pleasant journey.
4. On the Train
can I use …. to make oneself comfortable, at one's disposal, to move up, can I help you …, will you …, to fix, aren't you going to …, on business, do you find …, the service, to improve, quite comfortable. For the development of speaking with monologues can use such phrases as: "I think .", "I prefer ….", "I like …", "In my mind .", "I would like to tell you …", "I'd like to give a talk on …".
Also for the development of spoken language skills communicative games can be used. At this time, perform communicative-oriented tasks in the forms that consist of three parts)
Each practical work has three stages of implementation:
o preparation (pre-activity);
o performance (while-activity);
o conclusion (post-activity)
We have special significance situational principles and functionality, as E. I. Passov wrote that "the situation is a system of relationships between speakers" system of relations emerging in the course of the conversation, i.e. communication. Such situations can be represented and implemented through play activities (business games and their modifications). Speaking about the principle of functionality, Passov notes that "lexical items and grammatical structures selected for assimilation those should be a system of speech means acting in communication and should be absorbed directly in the activity." Implementation of this principle is possible by using different types of games, which, in particular, the subject (linguistic) games.
Because the game is, by definition, S. A. Judith - "this type of activity in terms of situations, aiming to recreate and assimilation of social experience, which develops and improves self-behavior." And since one of the main functions of gaming activities are communicative function and the function of socialization, it is organically woven into the broader communicative teaching technology.
Games are divided into:
- subject (linguistic) games;
- simulation games;
- business games.
Using the communicative technology to teach English realizes competence and implements personal-activity approach, which contributes the formation and development of the multicultural linguistic personality, to achieve productive communication with carriers of other cultures; abilities of pupils to carry out various activities using the English language; willingness of pupils to self-development and self-education, as well as contribute to the creative potential of individuals to carry out their professional duties.
(Burieva Raykhon Xayrullaevna, English Teacher, State General Education School, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

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