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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 08:10:44 PM
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Morality And Its Effect On Society

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Tangina Sultana :
Morality is the human attempt to define what is right and wrong about our actions and thoughts, and what is good and bad about our being that we are. But that's not really all that simple is it? Philosophers have been attempting to provide answer's to this question for thousands of years! Perhaps if we stand upon their shoulders and look at this question we can find some answer's that will be meaningful for us.
There are many scientific theories that attempt to explain how individuals acquire morality. Psychologist says that morality is a learned behavior and others contribute human morality to a view of fairness or unfairness. My point is, I believe that morality is declining in our society and its decline has a negative effect on society. Does the passing of time change morality or will society change with the passing of time? We can seek the answer to that question by exploring different aspects of our society to determine if a decline of morality has any negative effect on our society. Specially, does the decline of morality have an  effect on crime rates,laws, and the decline of a nation?
Morality, in its practical application is the creation general guidelines and rules of action that help produce best practices to further social co-operation. "If we act under the influence of impulse or fear or anger or passion, we do the thing that gives us most momentary satisfaction, regardless of the longer consequences. If we act calmly after reflection, we do the thing and we think likely to give us the most satisfaction,(or least dissatisfaction) in the long run. But when judge our actions morally,(and especially when we judge the actions of others morally), the question we ask or should ask in this: what actions or rules of action would do most to promote the health, happiness and well-being in the long run of the individual agent or (if there is conflict),what rules of action would do most to promote the health, happiness and well-being in the long run of the whole community, or of all mankind?"
Henry Hazlitt--- Foundations of morality, pg44.
And so, there is a common core of universal moral principles. Morality is always and everywhere a co-operative phenomenon .And everyone agrees that co-operating, promoting the common good is the right thing to do. Appreciating this fundamental fact about human nature could help promote mutual understanding between people of different cultures, and so help to make the world a better place.
Is there really a standard moral code in society these days?
 Yes, while most of the people follow society's laws, they also abide by certain social morals. While morals tend to be driven by personal beliefs and values, there are certainly some common morals that most people agree on, such as: Always tell the truth, do not destroy property, have humility be generous, have courage, Keep your promises, do not cheat, treat others as you want to be treated, do not judge, be dependable, take responsibility for your actions, have patience, be loyal, have respect for yourself and others.
Actually, a person's character or the guidelines that lead him through life are impacted by society. Emily Durkheim said, "Man is a moral being only because he lives in society. Let all social life disappear and morality will disappear with it."The statement that has been put forward by Emily Durkheim is valid in many ways and I do believe it is agreeable. Not only are we put on a certain path by society, but we are set out to achieve the perception of what is truly right.Also, right can be objectified in many ways, yet that which separates moral from immoral is society itself. Without it we will never know how to deal with life's encounters.
However,with social relationships come stress and negative outcomes. For a person's well-being, it is important to maintain healthy relationships with each other. Despite the significance of maintaining such a relationship, people have been detached to each other due to problems such as political upheaval and peer pressure. People occupy themselves with politics so that they can fight for something they believe in without the realization that a part of the society we live in is incomplete disagreement to what they believe is right. Thus due to this they get completely disconnected with the other side of the society, but it exists all around the world. According to a recent research done by mathematician Professor Ernesto Estrada, peer pressure among people in any social group has been in effect and it helps shape decisions (2003).According to his research, individuals have interconnected in accordance to peer pressure.
A utilitarian can prove that punishment is moral because it will reduce crime, it will give satisfaction to society and it will deter other potential offenders. Really, punishment is needed to control crime. Educational institution is a center of learning process from where a student can build up himself or herself as a good human being. What if this holy place is corrupted?
Recently, two incidents have occurred respectively Dakhil S.S.C candidate Nusrat and BUET student Abrar Fahad were brutally murdered in their respective institutions. Firstly, Nusrat was killed by her principal Sirajuddla when 15 more people involved with him. A principal is the highest administrator .He is the shelter for his pupils. It's really very hated matter that a principal do such as heinous act. According to Islam after parents, next position is given to the teachers. It is said that teachers are the architect of a nation. If teachers do not maintain the right path, if teachers have no morality or ethics; from him or her, what can our future generation learn? I think, every teacher must be a good human being. Finally, the 16 accused of Nusrat murder have been sentenced to death. If this punishment is implemented, society will realize that crime is always punishable. Secondly, a brilliant BUET Abrar Fahad was killed by another 16 brilliant BUET students. The accused students' studentship has been nullified as punishment. From this incident, it can be said that a brilliant student doesn't always mean a good student/person. A good person or good human is really needed in our society.
There are lots of educated people with vacancy of morality. Day by day, its rate is increasing. It is high time to modify ourselves. If we are not aware about morality, again and again we may lose another Nusrat or Abrar. That's why ex-education minister Md.Nurul Islam Nahid said, "Teachers should deliver his lecture on morality at least 5 beginning minutes of his class." It has generally been agreed that punishment requires moral justification. From Aesops Fables, we knew," Everyman should be content to mind his own business."(The seagull and the kite)
Govt. should emphasis on moral education. And I think, moral education can be included with textual books in all educational institution. If govt. can be provided part-time job facilities for young generation, corruption will be reduced. Because, we know,"An Idle brain is a devil's workshop. "Lack of morality ,not only a person ruin himself or herself but also destroy a family ,such as way ,a society and thus similar way a country. We should always remember, "Where there is no morality, there will remain degradation."
(Tangina Sultana, Lecturer of English & Former Head of the Department, Principal Kazi Faruky School and College)

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