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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 04:26:24 PM
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Backtrack Of India On Nehru's Pledge!

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Mian Saifur Rehman :
In the year following the year of Independence (or partition of undivided India), one of the most influential leaders of India namely Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, made use, more or less of these words (or similar words) of 'honor' while pledging the holding of plebiscite in Kashmir Valley with the sole objective of ascertaining the will of the people of Kashmir about their future.
Nehru said that Kashmir, neither belonged to Pakistan nor to India and that the people of Kashmir would be given the right of self-determination through a fair and transparent plebiscite. Above all, while making this 'pledge', the former Indian Premier also said, with pride, that Indian nation was a great nation that did not backtrack on its promises and pledges. Following this so-called pledge, the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Kashmir were adopted that are still in place, given the fact that they have not been repealed or annulled by the Security Council.
Even the Chapters 6 and 7 of the UN Charter are binding on the signatories or the parties to the conflict and, as such, are enforceable, though different means have been prescribed for the enforcement of SC resolutions under these different Chapters.
As regards the weird and wicked move undertaken by Modi Sarkar (Modi government) of New Delhi to finally usurp Kashmir Valley through the annulment of Articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution and deprive the Kashmiris of their special status that was acknowledged by Jawaharlal Nehru, this move does not debar the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.
Likewise, there is no justification whatsoever in the Indian leaders' argument that Simla Accord had put a full stop on all other international (or UNSC) REMEDIES, IN THE WAKE OF BOTH Pakistan and India agreeing to a bilateral solution. Rather, India has on more than one occasion, stalled the Confidence-Building Measures and Composite Dialogue sessions on one (false flag) pretext or the other. In this manner, New Delhi has itself given a damn to the basic principle of bilateralism. Instead, India has most often resorted to unilateralism, to quote Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
Now the question arises, isn't the repeal of Articles 370, in particular, a blatant violation of the spirit of bilateralism?
On the other hand, Pakistan has always extended the hand of cooperation on several occasions but every now and then, Pakistan's policy of peaceful coexistence, especially with neighbours, has been misconstrued, as our weakness, by India's jingoistic political leaders in general and Nirendra Modi, in particular who (Modi) draws further encouragement from other jingoistic lobbies within the Indian establishment and even in some segments of Indian media. This aspect of Indian media (not all the sections of Indian media, of course) is the saddest part of this war game played so myopically and unwisely by the Indian oppressors in different parts of India, mainly in Kashmir.
Isn't it a fact of history that so far, India has been deploying hundreds of thousands of its troops from the regular forces as well as from its paramilitary forces to 'tame' and 'subjugate' Kashmir or the innocent, unarmed people of Kashmir, whose 'intifada' (uprising) has become a nightmare for India's warmongers?
This 'invasion' of Kashmir at the hands of Indian troops is a clear-cut proof of the fact that all is not well in the forcibly occupied valley of Kahmir. Had everything been okay over there, the need would not have arisen to empower Indian soldiers with the powers of magistrates under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act as well as under the Public Safety Act. By way of the powers conferred on soldiers through these black laws, the oppressor government of New Delhi has given powers to the soldiers to detain the Kashmiris protesting for their freedom for a period of two years without reproducing them in the court of law.
And then, the siege of Kashmir has crossed all human limits and timeframes with people dying in these ever-worsening and inhuman conditions with no relief in sight.
One should appreciate the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, for undertaking the mission of 'ambassador of Kashmir' and making use of every opportunity - and platform - to expose the true face of Indian oppressors besides consistently highlighting the sufferings of the harmless, peace-loving people of Kashmir who have seen enough of oppression, suppression and atrocities in a world that is called a global village.
PM Imran Khan pleaded the just cause of Kashmir, firstly in the United Nations General Assembly session during the month of September, 2019. He built the case very pragmatically and logically in a convincing manner so much that he was able to  make the world, including the western world, realize that there was every likelihood of 'nuclear flashpoint' turning into a real flashpoint that can bring devastation, imperiling the lives of more than a billion people inhabiting this region where both Pakistan and India are armed with nukes and where both the countries have fought wars and armed conflicts, primarily in the backdrop of Kashmir conflict or dispute.
PM Imran Khan also succeeded in getting a good diplomatic response from USA President, Donald Trump, on two occasions, in which Trump is on record having stated that he offered his services to do something for the sake of tackling this stalemated issue of Kashmir. This statement means a lot, given the fact that so far, none of the leaders from amongst the global powers, except China, had talked sense on Kashmir or acknowledged it as a reason for major conflict.
As regards China's positive role in this context, it is highly appreciable. The first UNSC session after the unconstitutional repeal of Article 370 by India was held with the efforts of China, one of the five permanent members of UNSC. And the second UNSC discussion of January, 2020 was also convened to discuss Kashmir, on the plea made by China.
(Mian Saifur Rehman, columnist, writes from Pakistan)

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