Mamata calls Modi a ‘danga babu’

By Agency

Continuing her attack on BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday called Modi a 'danga babu' (Mr Riots).
This comes days after Mamata called Modi a 'donkey' for his comments on Bangladeshi immigrants.
In her rally, Mamata also criticised Modi for declaring himself as the PM even before the election results were not declared. She said: "He will even sell the Prime Minister's chair."
Raking up the Gujarat riots issue she said that 'danga babu' was jealous because people of all faiths, caste, creed live together in peace in Bengal.
She then hit out at BJP over the protest in Varanasi and said: "Now am hearing that they are protesting against the EC in Varanasi, this is unheard of." Mamata even alleged that Modi was trying to bring a wedge between the people in Bengal.