Juhi Chawla would love for her kids to become actors, but they’re not interested


Actor Juhi Chawla would love to see her children - daughter Jhanvi (16) and son Arjun (14) - follow her footsteps, and take up a career in films.
But the 49-year-old isn’t sure if that would ever happen, as her kids are way too shy, and Bollywood doesn’t seem to interest them much, reveals Juhi.
“They don’t even bother coming to the sets with me if ever I want them to, or watch my films on-screen. I really don’t know what they would finally end up doing. I’d love to see them doing films, but they’re so shy,” says the actor.
 Talking about Jhanvi’s ‘different phases,’ Juhi adds: “At one point, Jhanvi wanted to become JK Rowling, as the author has become richer than the Queen (Elizabeth II), thanks to her best-selling books. Then suddenly, she wanted to become a model, which was soon followed by her wish to become a surgeon.”
As for Arjun, “he is still fooling around. I have no idea about his intentions. I had asked him once and he had told me that he thinks he will be like his father (businessman Jay Mehta). So let’s see,” says Juhi, who last featured in the film Chalk n Duster (2016).