Apurbo-Shimu-Shimul together


Entertainment Report :
Title of the play is Je Joley Agun Jwoley. In this play, popular model cum TV actor Monir Khan Shimul, actor Ziaul Faruq Apurbo and actress Sumaiya Shimu performed together for the first time.
Earlier Shimu acted against Shimul and Apurbo separately. But Sumaiya Shimu has experience to work against Apurbo in maximum number of telefilms.
Shimu and Apurbo have already established themselves as an exceptional pair in the small screen.
While taking part in shooting of the play Je Joley Agun Jwoley, directed by Nahid Zaman, these three performers took part in open discussion with this correspondent.
While talking about the play Monir Khan Shimul said, “Most of the people do not know that Sumaiya Shimu’s previous name was Shimul. Only for me she has to cut off last word of her name, L. This thing was happened many years ago when Shimu was taking part in shooting of SA Haque Alik directed a play titled Moddhyo Samudro, which script was written by Zinat Hakim, in Cox’s Bazar. Later I had worked with her in several plays. After a break of many years I had enjoyed working against her in Nahid Zaman directed a play.”
Shimu shared her feelings by this way, “I have worked against Apurbo in many plays till now. Few days ago, I have acted against him in Ferdous Hasan Rana’s three plays at a time. Shimul bhai always works in few plays. However, I have really enjoyed working with Shimul bhai and Apurbo together in this play.”
On the other hand, Apurbo shared his feelings by this way, “Story of the play has attracted me a lot. In the meantime, when there are Shimul bhai and Shimu in the play as co-actors, work of the play obviously gets rhythm and momentum because both of them are talented performers.”
Asaduzzaman Sohag has written script of the play Je Joley Agun Jwoley. This play will go on air in any satellite channel on the occasion of ensuing Eid-ul-Fitr.
It may be mentioned that Shimul has also finished works of two telefilms on the occasion of Eid.
On the other hand, Apurbo has finished shooting of Sunny Chowdhury directed a play titled Uttor-er Barandai Dokhina Hawa.
Shimu acted two serials - Jogajog Golojog and Naree are being aired now. Therefore, Shimu has started working in a play titled Ekjon Mayaboti under the direction of Mazharul Islam. Its story was written by late Humayun Ahmed, Shimu said.