Apurbo-Mehzabein juti for 2nd time


Entertainment Report :
For the second time, popular actor Apurbo acted against Lux superstar Mehzabein Chowdhury as juti (pair) in a TV play titled Bike-man.
The play was directed by BU Shuvo under the script written by Naznin Hasan. Shooting of the play was wrapped up last week. The play will go on air in any satellite channel on the occasion of ensuing Eid-ul-Fitr.
It may be mentioned that Apurbo and Mehzabein first acted together in a TV play titled Obosheshey Annyorokom under the direction of Nahid Zaman. Its script was written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantunu. This play was aired in last year’s Eid festival. After airing the play director BU Shuvo received huge responses from all the viewers casting Apurbo and Mehzabein as juti.
Later many directors tried to cast them in their plays. Due to mismatch of shooting schedules both Apurbo and Mehzabein couldn’t manage their time to act.
While talking about the play Apurbo told this correspondent, “I acted against Mehzabein in a play one and half years ago. While working in this play I found that Mehzabein is now a matured actress. She has keen interest to learn acting, which I didn’t get any other actress in the showbiz now-a-days. Now Mehzabein can easily give ‘re-action’ against action while taking part in the shooting.”
Mehzabein shared her feelings by this way, “I really can’t believe that how Apurbo bhai acts so naturally. It was really difficult for me to continue acting against him. But in our second play Bike-man, I have tried my level best effort to express my role while taking part in the shooting. Viewers will give their judgment.”
However, Apurbo is eagerly waiting for releasing his debut movie titled Gangster Returns, directed by Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq. Shampa and Peya acted against him in this movie.
Apurbo acted only drama serial titled Bhalobashar Chotushkone, directed by Shihab Shahin, is being aired on NTV now.   
On the other hand, Mehzabein doesn’t acting in drama serial now. She is only working in faction plays.