World Cup will be Lampard swansong : Mourinho

By AFP, London

England midfielder Frank Lampard has decided to bow out from international football after the World Cup, according to his former manager at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho.
Lampard, 35, was released by Chelsea at the end of last season and although he is expected to play on at club level, Mourinho believes that the time has come for him to retire from the international game.
"I think the World Cup is the perfect way for somebody with more than 100 caps (104) to finish his career in the national team," Mourinho said.
"I told him that: 'Don't go more than the World Cup. The
World Cup is the right moment to finish.'" Asked if Lampard had accepted his advice, Mourinho added:
"Yeah. Finish well and finish around 110 caps is a crazy number for a field player. He's not a goalkeeper that plays till 40 years of age.  "So (it's the) right moment. And after that, he will be free just to play for a club and let's see what is his decision.
"But he's a man to play a major role in a team, not like happened in the last year-playing sometimes, sometimes not playing, playing 60 minutes, not starting every game.
"I think for him, for his mentality, for his personality, it's better to get a club and probably a competition where he is really the top man."
Speaking earlier this week, Lampard suggested that he was yet to make his mind up about whether to retire from international football.
"It's very hard to get the words out to say that," he said.  "I won't say it at this point. I've never said it before and I've had plenty of opportunities to do so.
"Most players finish with England in their low thirties at the most. I've had some of my most enjoyable England years in the back end, in the last two years.