Rohingya issue may create unstable situations in CHT: TIB


Staff Reporter :
Transparency International, Bangladesh on Wednesday expressed anxiety over Rohingya issue saying that it may increase risks of militancy, unstable situations and challenges in the Hill tracts.
"It is highly necessary to ensure adequate security systems in temporary Rohingya camps. Miscreants may join them (Rohingyas) with misdeeds like militancy," said Dr. Iftekaruzzaman, the Executive Director of TIB while addressing a press conference on the issue in its Dhanmondi office.
Researcher Golam Mohiuddin presented his keynote paper on the issue.
"The organising capacity of the Rohingyas is being observed. It should be controlled from its very beginnings," said the Executive Director.
Bangladesh has capability to create diplomatic pressures on Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya problem, he added.
"Myanmar has committed genocides in its Rakhine state,  as a part of ethnic cleansing there. The geo-political importance of the Rakhine state is endless," he said.   
"China and India are good friends of Bangladesh. It is up to Bangladesh to convince China and India to act in our favour. Bangladesh have to create pressure on Myanmar to make the country compel to solve the issue in peaceful means," Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said.  He suggested to impose military embargo on Myanmar soon by the international powers.
The Executive Director said, "If the diplomatic relation rests on relief, it shall be considered as diplomatic failures and as such the country should get out of it."
He said the international communities have praised the role of Bangladesh and the role of its Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the issue.
"Bangladesh, especially our Prime Minister Sheik Hasina has been showered with praises by the international community for her role to shelter displaced Rohingyas.