When Alia Bhatt was all torn


Celebrities beyond the ordinary when it comes to styling and fashion. And the best part of it is that it looks good, appreciated and aped. The problem is that when it is followed blindly. Things look totally different on screen and in glossies. Imagine someone seen with one side of a shirt hanging outside and one tucked in the trousers, usually referred to as street style. This was made popular by King Khan.
So the whole contention is that what looks good on screen might not be true in real life. However, this does not stop the celebrities to invent new styles and their followers to copy them. The case in the point is Alia Bhatt. She is seen wearing jeans which are torn at the knees. If seen logically, they must be very comfortable as while bending the knees, the jeans won’t be stretched.
It might be a fashion statement but some of the styles become an essential part of our life. Palazzo is a typical case to prove the point. So we must give in to fashion icons in our stars for evolving our clothes to make our lives stylish, comfortable and fashionable.