Sayera’s New Year special Dhar Dharina-2


Entertainment Report :
Sayera Reza’s Dhar Dharina was a massive hit song of 2008 which was written by Shahan Kabandha and composed by Bappa Mazumder.
The song became popular due to its nice and easy lyrics, melodious music style and above all Sayera’s unique voice. Recently she has produced the sequel 2 of this popular number which was written, tuned and composed by the young and talented music director Avraal Sahir. Sayera has also produced a big-budget and glamourous music video of the song that was released as a GP Music Exclusive track on  December 20.
The dazzling music video of Dhar Dharina 2 was released in Sayera's official You Tube channel titled ‘Sayera Reza.’ It has already created massive buzz in the social media as it has gained over 150,000 views in just four days. Two social media stars of the time - Toya and Tamim Mridha were featured in the music video who added fantastic colours to the video with their ravishing dance performance. We saw sequels of movies before, but Dhar Dharina 2 is the first ever sequel song in Bangladeshi Music Industry.
Sayera released so far four solo albums titled Shukher Omil, Ak Nimishe, Urban Folks and Nidagire and numerous mixed albums. She also did quite a few playback songs in movies like Common Gender, The Pirates, etc. Some of her playback songs are in the process of being released. She is a busy stage performer both at home and abroad.
With her exquisite tone and style, Sayera is one of the ‘Go To’ female singers of Bangladesh music industry at the moment.