Marlen Doll extends her marathon to 26 hours, as Chile gets victory over Spain

By Agency

Chilean porn star Marlen Doll has extended her sex marathon up to 26 hours after Chile's shell-shocking 2-0 win over defending World Cup champion Spain on Wednesday at Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.Doll caught attention after she celebrated Chile's 3-1 victory over Australia in their World Cup opener by giving a 12-hour sex marathon with strangers routing for the Chilean national football team.She originally promised to give Chilean supporting men a free sex for eight hours, but the excitement of seeing her native team getting three points on the board might have prompted her to exceed the marathon by four hours.In fact, Doll even documented her sexcapade with the strangers, tweeting "Resting after 12 hours of pleasure, I am very happy! It was a great celebration" on June 14.Twitter blocked Doll's account page after she uploaded bundles of X-Rated photos - some of which are documentation of her previous intimate moments with the lucky Chilean men. However, before it happened, Doll managed to tweet about her next plan, and that is to give men pleasure again for another 16 hours, upping her marathon total to 26 hours - That's over a day of pure hardcore pleasure."Senora Doll wasn't sated by that incredible human feat; she's ready to go again.