The CEC is clearly unfit for the job


The High Court on Sunday stayed the Gazipur City Corporation polls for three months, which was scheduled to be held on May 15. Furthermore, the court also issued a rule asking the Election Commission (EC) and the government to explain - why the inclusion of six mouzas of Shimulia Union Parishad of Savar should not be declared illegal.
In line with the sequence of the legal procedure, the HC Bench passed the order and issued the rule after hearing the lawyers of the writ petitioner as well as the lawyer of the Election Commission. Now the   Chief Election Commissioner claims he had no knowledge of the writ petition. Thus a peculiar situation has arisen. Whereas we know without notice to the Election Commission no order should have been passed. That is the law. And when the lawyer of the Commission appears before the court it is understood that the Commission had received the notice.
If the claim of the Election Commission about notice is taken seriously then the Commission has to admit its panel lawyers are incompetent to be helpful to the Commission. We find everywhere incompetent people are welcomed to hold responsible position.
The writ petition was filed by Shimulia Union Parishad Chairman Azharul Islam challenging the legality of the inclusion of the six mouzas of the Union Parishad in the Gazipur City Corporation.
What's truly puzzling that responding to the stay order, the Chief Election Commissioner said that 'he was unaware of the reason behind the High Court's stay order about the Gazipur City Corporation election'. He further added that he came to know of the issue while following a news broadcast in the television.
Our point is that an advocate reportedly appeared for the Election Commission while the stay order was announced. Moreover, a deputy attorney general was also present on behalf of the State. Is it believable that the CEC was unaware about the stay order when an advocate from his office was present representing the CEC?
We mark not only the widening gap of internal communications within the EC but also ignorance and negligence in duty by the CEC. That's not all - in his response - the CEC also said that he would 'first know and understand the decision before commenting on the stay order'. Later a representative of the Commission though did not tell anything about the notice, the position about inclusion of six mouzas was explained. According to her explanation it is said the disputed mouzas were included after getting clearance from the government. Here, the incompetence of the Commission is exposed. The Commission has appeared out of touch on-serious matter relating to the people.
Apart from this court incident, the CEC had said there was no reason for the absence of level playing field for the participants in the election. The most important election is the general election for the possibility of changing the unpopular government. It is no equality or level playing field if the party government continues in power. This is recognised under parliamentary system everywhere. It was accepted by Awami League also when it was not in power.
 The Election Commissioner is simply unfit for the position he is holding.