Malaysian immigration officer suspended for ill treatment with Bangladeshi man


Staff Reporter :
Malaysian authorities have suspended an Immigration Department officer, who slapped a Bangladeshi man at its office, according to a report published Malaysia Post yesterday.
The victim, was applying for voluntary repatriation programme at one of the counters around 9:00am on May 30 when the officer reached over the counter and slapped him, report Malaysia Post.
The video of the incident went viral.
Johor Immigration Department director Datuk Rohaizi Bahari said the officer has been removed from the front desk duty after the incident,   according to Malaysia Post. Several media outlets have picked up the news and many people have crticised the officer. Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Mustafa Ali, the director-general of Immigration Department also issued a statement, saying the action had tarnished the image of Malaysia Immigration, reports Malaysia Post.
"We would consider suspending or firing the officer. Disciplinary actions will be based on the Disciplinary Regulation for Public Servants 2002," he said.