Heavy rain in Rangamati continues


UNB, Rangamati :
Rangamati people are at risk of disaster as the hilly district has been experiencing heavy rainfalls and landslides since Sunday morning.
Due to onrush of hilly water, Rangamati -Chattogram highway at Thandachari area of Betbunia was temporarily closed from Monday morning to noon. However, after the road got freed from standing water the traffic
started operation again from 1 pm.
The electric connection was also suspended in the town since Sunday.
Rangamati-Chattogram road was also become muddy in some areas for the landslide but the workers of Road and Highways Department cleaned them up hurriedly.
On the other hand, some houses were damaged at Rangamati Old Bus Stand, Champaknagar, Loknath Ashram and Bhedbhedi areas due to collapse of mud wall. But there has been no report of death or injuries.
Rangamati Met Department recorded 257 millimeter of rainfall in last 24 hours from Sunday morning to Monday morning.
Risky hilly slopes dwellers were evacuated after the heavy rainfalls.