Expat Bangladeshis lend support to student protests

By Agency

Bangladeshi expatriates have been thoroughly vocal about their support regarding the student protests taking place in the capital as well as the rest of the country.
Many have taken to Facebook and other social media platforms to express their concerns about the state of the nation.
In Texas, US, students of University of North Texas (UNT) who are involved in the Bangladesh Student Association stood in front of UNT's main sign Sunday morning in protest for safer roads in Bangladesh and in support of the student protestors in the country.
Bangladeshi students at the University of North Texas hold a protest at their university.
The UNT students held the protest for an hour. They had signs saying "Stop state violence against school kids" and "We want justice." Other signs were written in Bengali and featured the Bangladesh flag.
In Melbourne, Australia, a school of music and arts for children of Bangladeshi descent named Anondodhara organized a symbolic protest to show solidarity for the ongoing demands of the students in Bangladesh to have safe roads.
The event was held last Friday with the residents of western suburbs in Melbourne. Community members including children and their parents participated to convey support and solidarity. The event was coordinated by Dr Aziz Rahman, a public health physician in Melbourne.
He said: "We strongly support the spirits of the young students in Bangladesh, who showcased few examples of detecting the irregularities related to road safety violations. However, we do not support any sort of violation and the students need to understand that it will take time to expect any change of irregularities."