Now Home Minister knows how incompetent transport sector is


A RECKLESS bus of 'New Vision Paribahan' which was  driven by its helper hit the Home Minister's car in front of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in the city's Sher-e-Bangla Nagar area on Friday night amid the ongoing Traffic Week. The bus hit the car from behind after overtaking one of minister's security vehicles. The minister, however, escaped injuries while his car was slightly damaged.
According to the statements of driver and helper given to the police, the driver Ibrahim Khalil Imon was tired after driving the bus for the whole day so he handed the steering over to the helper Manik to take rest beside the driving seat. The police produced the both to court with a seven-day remand prayer.
Its quite surprising that the accident took place when the Traffic Week, an annual program by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police to raise awareness and bring discipline in road transport, is going on. DMP Commissioner at a press briefing on Saturday expressed his annoyance saying that around 90 percent people do not obey traffic rules and regulations, and it is tough to execute law against such a big population. About reckless driving of buses, the DMP Chief said its only reason the owners give the buses to drivers in contact. If the drivers are appointed with monthly salary basis, this trend will be reduced. He extended the time of Traffic Week for the next three days till August 14 which was launched on August 5 and scheduled to be concluded yesterday.
Hitting the car of home minister is a bright example of sorry-state of the road transport sector. The police have miserably failed to upgrade traffic management which was established by our school-college students a few days ago. Only filing cases and dumping buses during the traffic week will not bring any positive result. We observe that, like the pedestrians, the old attitudes of drivers and helpers are not yet changed.
It seems nobody in transport sector likes to respect law. They even do not afraid of police. They know the lawbreakers would be freed using the loopholes of the law or spending money.