There the trumpet blows
[Bajichhe damama bandh re amama]           

Kazi Nazrul Islam

There the trumpet blows
O Muslim ! tie turban please !
The call is come from the newer age
O'er the broken fort flies the flag of hope.

The prayer at morn, thro' sleep, we lost!
We did not rise from bed
When the time for mid-day prayer!
Thro' sport and play, we whiled away
The time in the after-noon to pray!
Now we hear the call for the Maghrib prayer!
Join up please when the night-prayer rings
There's still room for thee, in the world's Embassy.

With Kalima on the lips, sword in hand.
And the fervour of Faith surging in the breast
And the love of God in this heart effulgent
Proceed on please to the place of the ringing band!
 No fear for thee in the least     Holy Quran
Is tied round thy neck as the badge of protection!
                           Translated by Mizanur Rahman (Late)