A Tribute to Bangamata

Original: Nasima Begum, ndc
Translation: Anis Mohammad

O, countrymen, listen with passionate ears,  
Here we sing tribute to Bangamata
 ------- the epic lady of this land,
Here we compassionately remember
The early bereavement of her parents,   
In reverence, we remember her uncle ------
Sheikh Lutfor ---- who reared her up like his own daughter.

The affectionate shade
Uncle and aunt gave her was so sweet;
Sweeter became their home with her childhood grace.
Afterwards, she was prematurely blessed with life-long bond
With imminent Bangabandhu
-------- loving Khoka of the nearest and dearest ones.
This is in short the beginning of her life;
O, countrymen, listen with passionate ears.

Empathetic and exceptional --------
Bangamata became the expression of philanthropy,
No matter, poor or rich,
She stood beside all in times of woe.
Her heart was an over brimming stream of affection.
O, countrymen, listen with passionate ears.

Unyielding to the paths of justice,
Devoid of dread and dilemma,
With spirited steps,
She always used to move ahead,
Sorrows could never cloud her joyful appearance,
Her unique decisions were fruits of her unique prudence.
Here we sing of Bangamata,
-------- Banagabandhu’s life-long comrade,
O, countrymen, listen with passionate ears.

During despairing days,
She was the anchor of party men,
Powerhouse of courage and strength,
Bangabandhu was her life-breath,
No less than him, she loved the soil of this land,
Together they mingled in each other’s blood.
O, countrymen, listen with passionate ears.

An Eternal Star: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Original: Emrul Kayas Rana
Translation: Anis Mohammad

You are a muse ----  mythical violin player,
Patriotism is your very kernel,
The Epic-Poet of politics ----------
You -------- the eternal star of youthfulness.
Your philanthropic vision always refills our heart,
So in every processions,
With slogans in your name,
We fill the air of every campus all over the world,
We always get spell-bound
With the mantra of
‘Joi Bangal, Joi Bangabandhu.’
You are great like the Himalayas,
Glowing and glorious, you stand like a big bang.
You manifest a short-lived luminary,
A legend you are,
The visionary of the Bengal of gold,

You ----- the Architect of our Independence,
Greatest ever Bengali, Father of the Nation,
You ---- the Friend of Bengal,
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,
The Omnipresent in hearts of all.