Cut off drug supply chain, unnecessary killing won't bring any good result


THE countrywide anti-drug drive for around four months has had hardly any impact - drug abuse goes on as ever and the supply chain remains intact, as demand for drugs and treatment of addicts lie largely unaddressed in Bangladesh. The supply is still plenty and the addicts are still getting their coveted drugs in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country although the law enforcement agencies are still arresting drug peddlers and addicts and recovering a huge quantity of drugs every day, as per a local daily report.
Though there is no survey on the number of drug addicts in the country, Department of Narcotics Control assumes that the country has over 60 lakh addicts. Though the large scale drive began in the country, there was no increase in the number of patients in the treatment centres. DNC officials remain sceptical that the large scale drive will bring any positive change in society as the addicts will remain in society, old peddlers will be replaced by new ones and they will continue to meet the addicts' demand.
Against the backdrop of widespread use of drugs and at the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Rapid Action Battalion began their nationwide anti-drug drive on May 4 and the police began the drive since May 18. The government has killed hundreds of drug peddlers and arrested over 40,000 suspected persons but has not been able to catch the godfathers -- as like the results of previous drives, even though it has a list of those who are the true ringleaders behind the infiltration of drugs in this country.
As long as supply exists treatment facilities will not magically transform addicts into angels. Whoever is connected with the trade, from MPs to police officials to border guards, all must be found out and punished.
It is not an impossible task in this digital age of ours -- but the administration must be sincere in its duty.