Lara wants cricket at Olympics

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Brian Lara, the former left handed batsman and also the former captain of West Indies feels that the T20 format of the game can be included in Olympics.
Brian Lara had a chat session in New York as a part of the  Cricket World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour driven by Nissan. In that session the left handed batsman has expressed his views on various topics.
As there are mamy arguments and processes going around about including cricket in Olympics, Lara has came up with a view that it is possible to include the shortest format of the game in Olympics.
 "The T20 format lasts just 3 hours so I don't see why it can't be included in the Olympics. It was nice to see golf get that opportunity again, it's time for cricket now!"
As mentioned before he was supposed to share his views on some other things also. When a question was raised about the ten teams World Cup, he said that he looks the new system in a positive manner.
"The most important thing for the ICC to consider is the growth of the game, where that will happen is in the T20 format. All the countries that are taking to the sport as of late are naturally attracted to T20 format since it's the most exciting.
Moving on to the longer formats, you want good quality and intense cricket and only the best teams in the world can offer that. Therefore, I feel the number of teams in the World T20 being 16 and the number in the ODI World Cup being 10 is just right."
Simultaneously he pointed out how he faced the shortest format of the game which he had to face in final part of his career.
"I felt with the early introduction to the one-day format, I had 25 or so before my second Test match, which helped me with the attacking side of my game.