And the sky is
asking to know
    -Tahia Tabassum

Today is the time to sow
And the sky is asking to know.
Why the life is here to belong?
I have to sing a different kind of song.  

This is the reason He created us,
To pass the way thus.
And to bear the joy and pain,
Some of them are seen and unseen.

You know life will reach toward its end anyhow,
So you have to utilize it each and every now.
 It's a journey and a celebration
Of the pains and of the occasions.
Go and try to touch your inner self-
A soul is inside you and a sign to save.
 To maintain it and to make it glorified;
One to smile and the tear for other side.

The sleep
    -Muhammad Abdus Salam

The sleep which has anillusional power,
That spells bound over the souls as shower.
Allah made day after night and night after day,
For man's realizing the privacy His ray.
By the grace of Almighty every soul rests in sleep,
And gets revive having eternal gay and peace.