Stopping the free voice


WHILE rampant and careless driving on faulty roads and vehicles takes a life every hour in the country, instead of fixing the sought problems, the government is tricking the people by shutting the voices for road safety after success in fending off the sparks of the youth protest in last month. News media reported that Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury, secretary general of Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity, was placed on a day's remand for interrogation hours after he was arrested on Thursday in an extortion case, which was termed by his colleagues as false. The plaintiff Dulal claimed that Mozammel demanded Tk 2 lakh from him and he gave Tk 10,000 in Mirpur, but news media found the provided information of Dulal was inaccurate, thus the case  seems to be ill-motivated.

 Rights activists said the case was filed implicating Mozammel for gagging the voice as he has been vocal against anarchy in the transport sector. The citizens' platform has become well known for their campaign for road safety, for their stand  against anarchy in the transport sector and for  their monthly report of road accidents, and for the same reasons they often face the wrath of transport owners, and the government. Mysteriously, newsman found a person known as Dulal who said he didn't lodge any case against anybody. Moreover, in the case statement the complaint claimed himself to be a transport leader in Mirpur, but the local transport leaders said there is nobody after the name of Dulal in the area. The police who picked up Mozammel also declined to comment whether they verified the address of the complaint -- thus making us sense a state conspiracy against a citizen.
Solicitor of the accused said Mozammel was implicated in the case for his role against anarchy in the transport sector.  The little known Mozammel has been working for the last 12 years for upholding passengers' rights. Though a registered one, the government categorized the organization as unregistered and their statement on road accidents inappropriate. The ominous signs and insanity the government has shown nowadays towards the free voices to investigate the truth, or towards citizens whose voices go against the establishment is unconstitutional and go against the spirit of the Liberation War. We must say the government should stop such harassment to citizens who work for the betterment of the standard of living of the citizens.