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Mystery of creations

Why should we read the Quran? We should read this Divine Book, as it is a guidance for mankind, clear proofs of guidance, and criterion of right and wrong. We should read the Quran because there is every kind of similitude in it, a healing and mercy to the believers.
We learn from it that Allah has enjoined doing of justice, giving to the kindred and doing of good to others, and forbids evil, indecency and rebellion without just cause. Of the good works, Prayer (Namaj), clothing the needy and feeding the hungry are the most important. Allah teaches us there can be no hostility with those who offer peace, except against the oppressors.
The righteous will dwell in the Paradise, while the unjust shall live in the hell-fire. He does not love the wicked, the proud, the greedy, the accumulator of wealth, the rapist, the sodomy-monger, traducer and the troublemaker, In brief, Allah hates every sinner. So, we should read the Quran to save us. Further we should ponder about the creations of Allah, His relations with Jibreel, Angels, man, the Prophet Muhammad (SN), other prophets, relations of Jibreel with the Angels, with Prophet Muhammad and other prophets between the Prophet Muhammad and mankind. Unless we read the Quran, we won't be able to enrich ourselves with knowledge to know the mystery of creations.
Ameer Hamza