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Crime Vs rights

The Supreme Court of one of our neighbouring countries has declared homosexuality on consent lawful. Let us see what does Political Science say?
Political thinker Harold Laski said, "Rights are those conditions of social life without which no man can see to be himself at his best."  Wilde said, "Rights are a reasonable claim to freedom in the exercise of certain activities." Rights are not unlimited. They are to be used by every citizen taking into account the rights of others. No individual can exercise his own rights, infringing upon the rights of others and no one has the right to spread evils in the society.
Rights are not a selfish claim of anybody in the society. The use of the right of everybody is consistent with the public good. Nobody can claim his right if it harms the general interests of the society.
Human rights are generally based on religious, justice, customs and traditions. Sodomy or homosexuality does not fall into the account of human rights, as it spreads evils. Political thinkers are of the opinion that rights are not based on law, but on morality. So, we think that sodomy or anything that harms morality cannot be recognized as human rights.
During the time of Hazrat Lut (As), God decreed stoning the people, who used to go to males instead of females, to death, -(Ref: Al-Quran, Surah Hud, Verse No. 82). In conclusion, crime cannot be human rights.

Ameer Hamzah