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Team events in Asian Games

In the concluded Asian Games-2018, two Far East countries namely China and Japan dominated almost all the team disciplines, giving an idea to the others that they are far ahead of the rest of the Asian countries in sports.
Japan became champions in football (women), hockey (both men and women) and badminton (women); while China earned gold medals in volleyball (women), basketball (both 5 on 5 & 3 on 3), badminton (men) and gymnastics (both men and women). South Korea finished atop in football (men) and Iran in volleyball (men) only.
 South Korea beat Japan 2-1 in football's men division, Japan beat China 1-0 in women division, Iran beat South Korea 3-0 sets in volleyball's men division while China beat Thailand by the identical margin in women division, China beat Iran in basketball ( 5 0n 5) and South Korea in 3 on 3 of the same discipline, Japan beat Malaysia in hockey (men) and India in women division of the same discipline, Japan beat China 3-1 in badminton (women), while China beat Indonesia 3-1 in badminton (men).
In the team event of the gymnastics, China beat Japan in men division and North Korea in women division.
The two most attractive disciplines are swimming and athletics. China and Japan tied 19-19 in swimming, while China and Bahrain tied 12-12 in athletics.  The Asian Games are, in truth, the Chinese juggernaut, as they have secured top positions in all the disciplines except few.
Giving of lectures only and ignorance to what an athlete requires hinder development of sports. The Bangladesh Olympic Association and the respective federation may ponder over the issue.
Abdullah Rahi