Natasha wants to establish fashion institute


Entertainment Report :
Today is the birthday of viewers’ choice popular TV actress and fashion designer Natasha Hayat. Besides giving time to her family, she will be engaged with her fashion house, Irises today. She wants to flourish her dream. She has planned to establish a fashion institute.
While talking in this regard Natasha told this correspondent, “From own experience I can say that everything can be achieved by working hard and also to keep with it tremendously. My future plan is to set up a fashion institute. To build up a relationship between western and oriental, it is necessary to present our works to them. I will work on that way.”
When Bipasha Hayat was acting her costume was designed by her younger sister Natasha. Though she was engaged with acting but in 2008 she along with her sister Bipasha started fashion house Irises Designer Studio.
Due to giving birth of her two children Natasha took break from that fashion house for four years. In 2013, she again started its journey in the city’s Green Road area. Now its outlet is Banani. Bipasha is now brand ambassador of Irises.