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Failing the Rohingyas

After Myanmar, at the time called Burma, gained independence from Britain in 1948, its successive governments had recognised people of all ethnicities living in the country, including the Rohingyas, as full citizens. There were even multiple representatives in the Burmese parliament from the Rohingya community.
However, after the military seized power, the recognition of Rohingyas as Myanmar's citizens was cancelled and their representation in the parliament abolished. Since then, a systematic campaign of oppression has been unleashed by the divisive military rulers against the Rohingya population, which had eventually culminated into the recent exodus of nearly a million Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh.
The Bangladesh government has since the very beginning of this exodus, triggered by a brutal military operation, given the refugees shelter, infusing new life, energy and strength into them.
The world community should recognise this travesty. It needs to increase its efforts to help our planet's most persecuted group of people so that they no longer have to remain stateless.

Md Nasirullah Khan