Apurbo-Richi in Pahela Falgun’s play Boshontey Esho


Entertainment Report :After staying more than one month outside the country popular TV actor Apurbo returned to Bangladesh last week. After returning Bangladesh Apurbo has started to take part in shooting under the direction of popular play director Chayanika Chowdhury in her play Boshontey Esho. In this play, Apurbo and Richi are again performing together as pair. Shooting of the play was wrapped up on Saturday. Iraj Ahmed has written script of the play. In the play, Apurbo and Richi performed in roles of ‘Rishat’ and ‘Shampa’ respectively. Shahin Khan, Bonnya Mirza, Tapur, among others, also performed in other roles in the play. While talking about to perform against Richi again Apurbo told this correspondent, “Richi is my favourite co-actress. She is very cooperative. I like her one quality most of the time that is her dialogue delivery. I think viewers will enjoy our new play.”On the other hand, Richi shared her feelings by this way, “I received positive response from the viewers for those plays where I had performed against Apurbo. I believe I will again get this type of response from the play Boshontey Esho. I always feel comfortable to work with Apurbo. Because he is very conscious about his work and also timing.”Produced by Nusrat Kabir Kakoli the play Boshontey Esho will go on air on ATN Bangla on Pahela Falgun, first day of 11th month of Bengali calendar, said its director Chayanika Chowdhury.It may be mentioned that Apurbo and Richi first performed together under the direction of Chayanika Chowdhury in play titled Jete Pari Kintu Keno Jabo. They lastly performed as pair in play titled Sukher Byatha under the direction of same director. This play will go on air on NTV soon, Chayanika mentioned.However, Apurbo will start dubbing of his debut movie Gangster Return this week, he said. On the other hand, Richi has already started working in two new drama serials. Very soon she is going to produce TV play under own production house, Nilanjana, Richi said.