Subho Naboborsho


WE, the Bangalee Nation, are going to celebrate Pahela Boishakh - first day of Bangla Calendar 1426 - today. It's the festival of colour, it's the festival of dance and songs, it's the festival of eating 'panta vaat'. It's the part of our culture and heritage too.
Celebrating Bangla New Year without any doubt is grandly special since it paves the way for the national integrity as it is the only festival people observe without religious bindings. The more significant the festivals of a nation are culturally the more affluent the nation is. Celebration of Pahela Boishakh evermore facilitates the people of Bangladesh to remain stick to their roots, the basis of their fundamental philosophy that craves for peace and prosperity for all.
The culture of Bangladesh is simple, logical, hospitable, courageous, courteous, sympathetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and of course peace-loving. Even the Constitution wherein Bangladesh has determined her foreign policy - friendship to all and malice to none - reflects the core values of Bangladesh from her inception. The gorgeous celebration of Pahela Boishakh, therefore, proves how lively integrated the roots of Bangladesh are.
Bangladesh believes in the uniformity in diversity is categorically demonstrated through the celebration of Pahela Boishakh that embodies the festivities of all kinds of people irrespective of their tenets. Here, we find the people of Bangladesh with rituals and mannerisms of different religions are coexisting peacefully.
But those who speak against the celebrations of Pahela Boishakh terming it contradictory to our beliefs are clearly favouring the communalism. In fact, they try to create a division among the people, which is also against the spirit of our Liberation War.  
On the day, we like to express our gratitude to our valued readers, advertisers, patrons and well-wishers. The main attraction of the day is its festivity. Hope, everyone will join the celebration to make the Pahela Boishakh a cheerful event. Subho Naboborsho to all!