Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid :
Education is the process of achieving all the latent peace and overall development of human body and soul. Education is the physical, emotional and characteristic ..." /> Logo

Life Skills Based Education


Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid :
Education is the process of achieving all the latent peace and overall development of human body and soul. Education is the physical, emotional and characteristic structure of human development and processes.  
The education can be based on stratified (primary, secondary, higher education), subject and class based (humanity, science, business education), group based (child education, women education, adult education), skill based (technical and vocational education, life skill based education)
Life skills based education enables students to be conscious and confident, to make informed decision-making, to formulate creative thinking, develop effective communication, to develop healthy relationships, to be sympathetic to others, and to cope with stress and emotions. As a result, the student can develop himself as a skilled and sensible person by stabilizing positive behavior.
Life skills based education is often described as "skill based health education". One of the key objectives of life skill based education and the main aim of health education is to ensure good health and safety. Environmental and behavioral changes can be achieved through life skills based education, to prevent disease. So the three dimensional Health Education is the subject matter of life skills based education.
Parenting education is the significant issue of life skills based education. It is important to give parenting education to the parents in order to perform proper responsibilities from the birth and later development of the baby perfectly.
Life skills based education is very fruitful in dealing with violence-terrorism-conflict and prevention on these issues. Basically peace education needed to overcome these incitement-death-destruction and energy showing. Peace education includes life-skill oriented learning content.
The purpose of any learning process is to introduce behavioral changes to the students. Behavioral change happens with the collective effect of knowledge, skills, attitude / mentality. Therefore, there is a need to include the knowledge related to the subject, the skill of practicing skill and the mentality of using the skills in any education program.
In reality, education programs or curriculum become knowledge based in many schools, and not the effective means of acquiring skills. It is not implemented even if it is again. So, steps are being taken to make skill training or education program specially to enable knowledge to become knowledgeable. When this happens and the implementation of that education program, the students will at least reach the stage of acquiring knowledge and reach the level of skill achieved. If the skill is acquired, its application will come in a lot of spontaneity, so that the very purpose of education will be achieved very much.
From this perception, efforts have now been made to make skill based curriculum of different levels. In the National Education Policy 2010, students have been given special emphasis on achieving various skills including life skills.
For this reason, measures have been taken to prepare the curriculum for different levels based on skill based. It is designed and prepared in the curriculum and education program, that an in-built system is created to achieve the skills within the lessons and the co-curricular activities.
Significance of life skilled based education-
1. Enables students to avoid protective behaviors, and to avoid risky behaviors. These protections are known as contagious diseases, infections and HIV / AIDS, drug abuse, injuries, physical, mental and sexual abuse / oppression, being hurt by emotions, dowry and child marriage, partner / partner or anyone else / wrongful proposal or pressure and refers to protection from other adversities / problems.
2. By adjusting the student's knowledge, skills and mentality, the behavioral changes of the student.
3. Participative and student-centric learning methods are essential in providing this education. Because in this education program, the system is organized to achieve the necessary skills by each student. For this reason, proper training of teachers to provide this education is a prerequisite.
4. Life skills can be recognized, displayed, can be divided into precision, can be achieved through imitation and practice, can be applied in different situations. These things are accomplished through life-oriented education.
5. This education is gender-sensitive, rights based and age appropriate. This creates the situation of both boys and girls to face personal and social problems / responses. This education is prepared on the basis of child rights and human rights.
6. This education helps to ensure quality education by improving education system. Development of life skill based education through teacher and student relationships. By increasing the attractiveness of the students towards the school, increasing the attendance rate and reducing the drop rate. This education develops the student's overall development and is able to contribute to the development process, develops healthy, skilled, ethical and equitable people. These are the indicators of quality education
Successful implementation of life skills based education depends on the interaction between teachers and students, students-teachers and students-students and through interactive learning process. It is a matter of great hope that the task of providing training on life skills based education to 82,000 class teachers across Bangladesh with the help of 1,920 master trainers under National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has been succeeded.

(Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid, Research Officer, District Education Office, Secondary and Higher Education, Munshiganj).