McCullum thanks Tigers to prove him wrong

By BSS, Dhaka

Former New Zealand skipper Brendan McCullum who predicted Bangladesh would win just one game in World Cup that too only against Sri Lanka, was proved wrong as the Tigers kick-off their World Cup opener with a 21-run win over South Africa.
Being proved wrong, McCullum did not looked unhappy but rather he congratulated Bangladesh for the landmark victory.
"I expected SA to win but Bangladesh played well. In regards to my predictions, thanks for the feedback on getting this one wrong. Won't be the last but average at the end will look alright I think. Can't win gem all," McCullum tweeted after Bangladesh's victory.
One of McCullum's predictions was wrong from the outset as he had forecasted both West Indies and Sri Lanka would win against each other in the group stage.
Earlier on May 31, he had tweeted that his reason for overlooking the likes of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan as serious contenders was due to the conditions in England.
"This WC analysis is IMO how the tournament will unfold. I would like nothing more for the growth of the game to have Afgh,Bang & SL to be serious contenders in this WC. If the tournament was in Asia, they may well have been. But it's early summer in the UK, hence my predictions," read an earlier tweet on May 31 following his prediction tweet.
McCullum's prediction was met with harsh comment, posted by Bangladeshi fans in the social media outlet. And it was expected that he would be severely trolled if Bangladesh win the game. And it was rightly so.