Political Crisis


Mubin Hasan Khan Ayon :
Nowadays politics has become a part of our daily life. We are actually driven by both the merchants and political syndicates. If we look forward to our daily used products -- like factory produced items to agriculture products -- are controlled by the syndicates. The syndicates are actually the committee member of the agency of the market. And the committee members are selected politically. That's why they can be called almost political person or guided by the political leaders. Like this section in every sector people are nowadays selected politically -- in school committees, mosque committee, temple committees, bazar committees etc.
For this type of syndicates our young generation is falling in a great trouble. The person who doesn't have any political background is facing a lot of problem in many sectors or somehow he can't get his deserved job properly. That's why a huge number of young people and students are indirectly are being forced to join in politics to get a future. Are they actually getting a future? No. They aren't. Rather they are being used by the political leaders. They are working for the leaders. And sometimes they are manipulated for doing the dangers occurrence.
Most probably students are being manipulated too fast. The teenagers are falling in the trap without understanding anything. They also haven't enough capacity to think accurately, only the reason is they are tempted to the powers, money, drugs and mostly to dishonesty. They become detached off the study and become the reason of worry to their parents.
The dishonest political syndicates take them closely only for using politically. They try to enlarge their manpower to daunt the general people and their opponent party. The young generation nowadays is focusing their concentration to the politics more than their study. What's actually is a threat to our society. For this political crisis we are not getting young entrepreneurs. So, we are facing a huge problem to the government job circular. Government, are enforcing to a pressure for this unemployed youth.
So, it's now the term to change the system and being self developed. No work is cheap if we can do it with our honesty. On the other hand, unemployment is a great curse of the society. A request or suggestion to all our youth: Please never be a burden of the society or family and don't be depended to others. And also a request to our great politicians; use our young generation to develop the society not for own purpose by destroying their life. A life is not a life only; a lot of lives are also involved with this life.

(Mubin Hasan Khan Ayon, Student, Z.H. Shikder University of Science and Technology)