Need is trust and involvement, not bombing from the sky


The contributing writer Enrique Krauze in International New York Times wrote about the massacre being committed by Israel in Gaza and to know the reactions in the world outside   it is worth quoting the following paragraph to remind the Jews about the dark reactions in Europe and Latin America:
Besides its grim toll in human misery and ever more bitter divisions the war in Gaza has awakened the sleeping monster of anti-Semitism in Europe. I would not say the same for Latin America though there are signs that the beast is perhaps stirring.
In another place of the article the author said: The bombardment of Gaza greatly intensified these reactions. A just solution in the Middle East could reduce anti-Semitism not only in Latin America but the entire world.
Another columnist Roger Cohen writing in the same daily few days back described Gaza as an open air prison. He stated in clear language that it is Netanyahu who fought all his life against Palestinian statehood.
Sections of American people think that President Obama's indecisive leadership has fueled crises in Gaza, Iraq and Syria.
If the leader of the only super power does not know when and how to use force then he should be elsewhere. It is because of America's seemingly ineffective leadership that Russia is expanding to take over Ukraine.
It is undeniable that President Obama does not have all the freedom. He is cautious but he has to be bold enough as the leader of the most powerful country on earth today. It cannot be accepted that he is helpless to others who seek peace but encourage policy of withdrawal for America. Desire for peace is unrealistic if not sought in a broader context. Diplomacy is essential for peace through reconciliation but diplomacy to be effective has to be backed by force.
America has not acquired greatness without active participation in world affairs and without applying force when force must be applied.
Peace is not achievable unless the West,  especially  America,  acknowledges that private terrorism  has grown among Muslims as counter offensive against  state terrorism  of state power practised by America  and Israel jointly or separately on the helpless Muslims.
The settled issue of Palestine state has been unsettled by Israel by occupying Gaza and the West Bank yet America is criticizing Hamas being terrorists. There will be no terrorists if Palestinians are allowed the right and dignity of living in their own country. The Muslims are angry for America's indecisiveness in solving the Palestinian issue asks Netanyahu to solve it, but he wants to occupy whole of Palestine.
The same carelessness is found in US policy. The USA opted to leave hurriedly from Iraq without trying to understand how the situation might slide into anarchy and bloodshed. No attention was paid as to how Prime Minister al Maliki's divisive policy was making confrontation between Shia and Sunni Muslims too obvious. The American policy makers came to know too late about the developing crisis in Iraq when a change of government became the urgent necessity and the USA had to resume bombing the Sunni extremist fighters.
In Syria, the Western allied moderate rebels teetering on the edge being annihilated because President Obama administration was wringing hands on whether to help them. The Muslims are being allowed to be butchered by another Netanyahu type killer, namely, President Assad of Syria.
The fundamental wrong in America's policy in respect  the Muslim countries is that Muslim casualties do not matter, bombing and terrorizing must be the answer for security of America and Israel. This is obvious that such American insensitivity hurts the Muslims.
If America is not for humanity and human rights its claim to greatness sounds hollow and careless violation of human rights will not make the world safe for any country. The greatness of American power lies in using that power in the cause of peace through spread of democracy as believed by the founding fathers.
Private terrorism is private anger, but what must not be forgotten is that Muslim leaders and Muslim countries want to live in peace.