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A monsoon in Goa
oa has been a great love for anyone who has ever travelled in India. While winters are certainly the best time ..." /> Logo

Why a trip to Goa in monsoons is perfect?


Weekend Plus Desk :
A monsoon in Goa
oa has been a great love for anyone who has ever travelled in India. While winters are certainly the best time to visit the state, when you can soak in the rather harsh sun on the beaches here, monsoons are no less than perfect. If you do not fidget at the idea of getting soaked in a downpour while on the streets, a trip to Goa in monsoons would leave you more in love and, certainly, quite poetic. We have some more reasons on why the idea is perfect in case you are scouring for more; and yes, the monsoon is predicted to hit the country on June 21. Our word, book your tickets to Goa right now, for you would not want to miss the state in all its loveliness.
The lush green landscapes
Goa in monsoon turns greener than you would have ever seen. Every place from the South Goa hills to its wildlife sanctuaries is ambushed by wildflowers and greenery in it’s the most vivid hues. The sea breeze also makes it more than just perfect; during typical downpours, you can rest easy at one of the beachside cafes, have a coffee or some beer, nosedive into a book. Or perhaps, grab an umbrella and roam around the streets.
Affordable luxury accommodation
One of the biggest favours that you can do to your wallet while planning a Goa trip is to plan it in the off-season when it rains. Everything from taxis and car rentals to even the most luxurious hotels offer discounts and you can have a gala time with all the money that you have saved. So yes, you can choose to stay in a premium resort or beachside facility and still save some bucks.
Waterfalls galore
Come monsoons and the waterfalls in Goa turn all the more gushing and uproarious, including the quite majestic Dudhsagar Falls. While the trek to this waterfall is closed during peak monsoon days, the very sight of it, albeit from a distance, is enough to make you chuckle in delight.
Old Goa strolls sans any crowd
If you have been to Goa in summers or the peak of winters, you would be privy to the crowd that Old Goa sees. All the major churches get thronged by visitors, leaving little to soak in and learn. And thus, you have the monsoon trips. Get yourself a scooter on rent and the old lanes are all yours, sans any crowd.
The monsoon festival of Sao Joao
Monsoon in Goa rings in the rather interesting festival of Sao Joao, an event that is supremely intriguing, to say the least. Every year, on June 24, the locals hit the festive note, wherein you will see hordes of devotees, mostly men, jumping into old wells to pay tribute to St John the Baptist.
The festival sees even the tiniest, remotest villages erupt in fervour and joy. If you are seeking an experience that is intrinsically local, this is your chance.
The wilderness in Goan sanctuaries
One of the best ways to explore Goa when it rains is to visit the many wildlife sanctuaries. If you are not afraid of a tiny few crawlies and are keen to learn more about the flora and fauna here, this is definitely a great idea. Furthermore, you can also visit the many spice plantations here, which would not be teeming with enthusiasts like they do in winters.