DSCC served legal notice on Dengue fever


Staff Reporter :
A Supreme Court lawyer on Thursday sent a legal notice to the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) seeking Tk 50 lakh as compensation for his wife who has been affected by Dengue fever.
He alleged that his wife's suffering was the result of the fever due to the city corporation's failure to prevent Aedes Mosquito in the neighbourhood.
Advocate Tanzim Al Islam served the notice on the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DSCC asking them to give him Tk 50 lakh as compensation in seven days.
He also requested the Mayor and top officials to take effective steps to prevent mosquito menace in next three days at Khilgaon Ward No. 1 where his family lives.
Advocate Tanzim said in the legal notice that his wife Sadik Un Nahar was affected by dengue fever on JuneĀ  29. She underwent treatment at the hospital for five days, but she is still sick.
The lawyer said in the notice that the DSCC completely failed to prevent Aedes Mosquito menace, therefore, its authority will have to take the responsibility of his wife being affected by Dengue fever.
Advocate Tanzim told the reporters that he would file a writ petition with the HC seeking necessary order on the Mayor and CEO if they do not take necessary steps to compensate him and to prevent Aedes Mosquito menace in next seven days.