School girl raped in train


Staff Reporter :
Passengers have rescued a sixth-grader, who was allegedly raped inside a train at Kamalapur Railway Station on Wednesday night.
The victim, who was found inside a Jamuna Express train, was taken to the police around 12:30 in the night, but she was kept waiting for 12 hours without any treatment before sending her to the One-Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. Passengers also handed over the alleged rapist named Samrat, who was with the girl on the train, to the police.
Witness Ratul Sikder, who was at the police station, however, alleged that the victim was kept waiting for so long due to negligence on the part of the police.
Quoting the sixth-grader, the police said that her grandmother was undergoing treatment at the Mugda General Hospital in Dhaka.
The man, handed over to police by passengers, convinced her to get on a rickshaw to Kamalapur with him when she got down from the hospital and raped her inside a train after threatening her, they said.
She was taken to Kurmitola General Hospital but was turned away as they don't provide treatment to rape victims.
"I came to Kurmitola Hospital after receiving the news on Wednesday," said Ratul Sarker.
A on duty doctor said that they don't provide treatment for the rape victims, gave her an injection and advised her to be taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital," he said.
He added that she was then taken to Kamalapur Railway police and her mother was brought from Maniknagar early Thursday morning.
Meanwhile, the mother said that she left her at the hospital in the evening after which she went missing.
"I came to Dhaka at 1:30am when police called," she added.
Sub-Inspector Rusho Banik of the railway police at Kamalapur said, "The child has been identified and she will be send to Dhaka Medical College Hospital today [Thursday]."