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Importance Of  HR Cannot Be Denied
The demand of HR is undoubtedly increasing all over the world including our country. If we go back to 20 years back, we can see that a few organisations had HR Department. That time, HR activities were done by either Admin or Management Department but most organisations, now, have a complete separate division for HR. The need and significance of HR have been understood by many organisations which lead to employment opportunity for students who studied or now studying HR in university. It cannot be denied in any way that it will continue in future.
A general idea about HR among individuals is HR is merely Recruitment, Selection, Training, and Compensation and Benefits, which is absolutely incorrect but, in reality, HR is beyond that. HR is called the heart of an organisation that means an organisation, without HR, is unfruitful. It is momentous to bear in mind that "All resource without HR is Zero".
From our country's perspective, having adequate knowledge of HR and having BBA and MBA can ensure a durable job of HR with a decent salary. However, those who want to add more value to their profession can do "PGDHRM" which is offered in our country by two institutions; one is 'United International University (UIU)' and another one is 'Bangladesh Institution of Management (BIM)'.

Yasin Arafath
Former student, Independent University Bangladesh
Now studying at United International University