Mubinur Rahman Chowdhury :
Asix years old Musnan is an average Bangladeshi child. Like anyone else, it was her job to always keep her house lively. Her pitter-patter of small ..." /> Logo

Dengue: A fatal disease


Mubinur Rahman Chowdhury :
Asix years old Musnan is an average Bangladeshi child. Like anyone else, it was her job to always keep her house lively. Her pitter-patter of small feet around the house should have been a regular incidence. She had a passion for drawing. Her arts were rather good. It was no doubt her parents had high hopes for her. “She would do big things one day!” But now, she has faced a different challenge. She now has to fight hard everyday so that she can grow up and chase her dreams. She has to fight hard so that she can see her parents loving face one more time. One tiny insect, which everyone in the world detest; one tiny bite; that was enough to land her on a hospital bed. Now she has forced her legs to be her drawing copy, as, she spends her days drawing pictures on her thighs as her last resort of entertainment.
Like Musnan, many others dreams are threatened to be crushed, or already have been, due to one tiny, currently deadly disease. Now, even the new-borns hear one word in their parent’s mouth - Dengue. It is not a rare disease in our country. In fact, it occurs every year, more or less. But for some reason, this malady has chosen this year to be remembered as the ‘Year of the Dengue.’ It is a mosquito-borne disease. The Aedes mosquito carry's the germ of this disease. They generally breed, unlike other mosquito’s, on fresh stagnant water. Sadly, our beautiful country is perfect for this.
The government has done many things for the development of the country. Metro Rail, the Padma Bridge, hundred percent electricity, water and many praiseworthy acts. But in comparison to the undeveloped sectors, this development is a little low. One small instance: we can see our roads being regularly renovated. That’s a good thing. Every month we see renovation works. But after a few months, the roads were seen with large chunks of them missing. Now the rain water fills up these holes and we get a fresh supply of stagnant water. That’s where mosquitos’ arise from. In our country, little rain causes flood, which causes stagnant water. Dengue epidemic has become so severe that even the
The highest authority is seriously thinking of it. Although the two devoted Dhaka City Mayors are trying so hard, they haven’t got a clue as to how this can be controlled. For weeks now, we have heard of new insecticide to come, and still it’s nowhere to be seen. People are rushing to hospitals in huge numbers, and the rate hasn’t gone down, regardless what our Health Minister says. But we can’t only blame the government. We have ourselves also to blame as well.
A fairly good percentage of stagnant water is found in our homes. We criticise the government; we ourselves might have unwillingly been the cause of someone’s misfortune. More clearly, our carelessness. People are rushing out of the city to save themselves, but the bitter truth is that no place is now safe. All 64 districts have been reported to be affected with Dengue.
The only way to save ourselves is awareness. We should use netting; remove stagnant water, and use mosquito coals and aerosol. Nothing should be done against the clean environment of the society. We should keep these tips in mind, and pass it to three people, and they, in turn, pass it to three others each. As a result, an entire populous can be made aware. And in the mean time we should all pray to the, “O, Almighty! Kindly let no more dreams be fogged for the absence of fogger machines!”
(Writer is a student of Class-VIII at Ideal School and College, Dhaka)