A different Tanjin Tisha in Doodle of Love


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Tanjin Tisha is one of the popular TV actresses of present time. She has become choosier in case of selection of the script and role while acting. For this reason, upcoming Eid is going to be something challenging for her. Viewers will watch Tanjin on the screen in different looks in those Eid works where she acted. Drama Doodle of Love is like that. Under the story concept given by Mushfiqur Rahman Ronju and Zahid Ahmed, Abdullah Zahir Babu wrote script of the drama. Mahmudur Rahman Himi gave direction of the play.
Earlier, Tanjin Tisha worked under Himi’s direction in two dramas. This time she worked under his direction for third time. Tisha acted against Irfan Sajjad in the play. Do Google know what the URL of boyfriend and girlfriend is? Or their e-mail address? If they know then any information can be send through it. It may be not possible today but in future it can be happened. It may be happened that any person can send his/her proposal of love through the Doodle of Google. Tanjin Tisha acted in such a futuristic comedy romantic story based drama on the occasion of coming Eid.  
While talking about performance of Tanjin Tisha in this drama director Himi told this correspondent, “Earlier under my direction Tanjin Tisha acted in two dramas titled Bari Fera and Accidental Break-up. She acted outstandingly well in these two plays. In Doodle of Love, she as usual acted well because Tisha is more matured rather than previous times. For this reason, I really felt comfortable to work with her in this Eid play. I am very much optimistic about the play.”
Director Himi also informed that Doodle of Love will be aired on NTV at 2:30pm on third day of Eid.
In last Eid, Tanjin Tisha’s acting against Apurba in drama Shishir Bindu created hype among the viewers. Its sequel will be held in this Eid under the titled Shishir Bindu-2.
Tisha also mentioned that on Eid day, her and Afran Nisho-starred drama titled Me & You will be aired on Asian TV.