Campus Report :
Putra Business School (PBS), an AACSB accredited business school and part of University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) has established collaboration with EduCan International in Bangladesh to support ..." /> Logo

PBS Bangladesh Network Meet 2019


Campus Report :
Putra Business School (PBS), an AACSB accredited business school and part of University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) has established collaboration with EduCan International in Bangladesh to support to Bangladeshi academicians from the tertiary levels institutions in achieving PhD from this world renowned institution in Malaysia.
 Since PhD does not require a full-time classroom based study rather it is more focused on the research, hence students from Bangladesh can study PhD under PBS without sacrificing much of their professional and family commitments. Because of multiple flight options within affordable costs students can easily fly to Malaysia as and when required by the university and supervisor.  While students are undertaking their research activities in Bangladesh they are also able to access all the resources of PBS/UPM the way they can access on campus.
PBS and EduCan jointly organized the "PBS Bangladesh Network Meet 2019" on Sunday last at BRAC Centre Inn, Dhaka.  
Prof SMA Faiz, former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University chaired this event. Prof Faiz mentioned, "Because of increasing demand of tertiary education, the number of public and private university has increased significantly during last 2 decades.  However, we have not been able to increase the appropriately qualified teaching resources to meet the demand of increased number of universities. We really appreciate the initiative taken by PBS and EduCan to support young Bangladeshi academicians in achieving PhD from Putra Business School which will be great value addition into their professional career".
Prof Zulkornain Bin Yusop, President of Putra Business School explained how Malaysia has emerged as a popular international study destination during last decade.  He mentioned,"There are lots of commonalities between Bangladesh and Malaysia. By studying PhD with Putra Business School in Malaysia, Bangladeshi academicians should be able to bring back some of the technical knowhow to implement those in Bangladesh". Prof Zulkornainendorsed the strong commitment of Bangladeshi students who are currently studying PhD with PBS. He mentioned also, "PBS-EduCan partnership has opened a new pathway for Bangladeshi academicians to pursue PhD".
Prof Harunur Rashid, the former Vice Chancellor of Presidency University, has emphasized on the importance of achieving PhD and has mentioned, "For the university teachers PhD is not a luxury at all, it is rather an absolute requirement to be successful as an academician." He has also mentioned, "As the Universities in Bangladesh have limited resources to conduct PhD programme, this endeavor of PBS/EduCan will definitely be an opportunity which should be availed by the young generation who would like to build their career in the education sector of Bangladesh."
Shahin Reza, Managing Director of EduCan International mentioned," Currently a good number of Bangladeshi academicians from some of the premier higher education institutions such as IBA, Dhaka University, BRAC University, United International University, University of Liberal Arts, etc. are studying their PhD under PBS".
Dr EnamulHaque, Professor of East West University appreciated this initiative of PBS and EduCan to support Bangladeshi academicians in pursuing their PhD, which will certainly help us in improving the standard of delivery of higher education in the coming years.
Dr Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid, Professor of Putra Business School and an experienced PhD supervisor explained that PhD is a serious commitment and there is no shortcut way to achieve it. Students must be prepared to make lots of sacrifices in their professional and family life before enrolling onto a PhD programme.  However, he has also mentioned that in long term it will all be paid off.