Toma again in Cacoly’s movie


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Now-a-days, Toma Mirza is a talented film actress who got the National Film Award for first time for acting in Shahneoyaj Cacoly-directed Nodijon. This time Toma is acting in yet another film of the same director.
Toma will appear in Cacoly’s upcoming film titled From Bangladesh. Toma will portray a lead role named Sufia against Ashish Khandokar. By working in this film Toma’s new dream started, according to her.
According to director Shahneoyaj Cacoly, with maximum portion of the film’s production have already been done, Toma Mirza will participate in the next phase of the shooting soon.
While talking about working under Cacoly’s direction once again, Toma Mirza said, “I am really grateful to Cacoly Apu as I won my first National Film Award for her film. In the meantime, I worked in a number of films under various directors, I always wanted to act under her direction again. Finally, she has offered me a role in her new film From Bangladesh. As a director, Cacoly Apu herself is an institute of knowledge. Under her direction, an artiste can really sharpen his or her acting skills. Coming to work under her direction, I am enriching my acting skill and learning more about the acting world. I am really optimistic about our new mission together. From Bangladesh is expected to hit cinemas in the middle of 2020.”
Meanwhile, Toma is hosting in two different TV channels now. These are: on Desh TV, Priyotomar Priyomukh and on Asian TV Make Me Beautiful. Toma is the brand ambassador of Momtaz. But she feels comfortable in acting.
O Aamar Desher Mati, Game Returns, Gras, Ek Mon Ek Pran, Cholo Palai, Eve Teasing, Ahankar, etc are her her acted mentionable films. She is very much optimistic about her acted movie Gohiner Gaan, which is now at the Censor Board, Toma also said.