Don't implement any project destroying ecological balance


WHEN different countries around the world are taking various steps to make an environment - friendly atmosphere, at that time Bangladesh is going to implement a number of projects those are apparently against the atmosphere. A recent report published in the newspaper said Cox's Bazar will be one of the most polluted places in the country when 17 planned coal-fired power plants start operation.  The study report prepared by two environmentalist organisations also said the power plants would pose a potential threat to public health and livelihood, and biodiversity of this entire region. According to information available, the government has acquired 11,642 acres of land in Cox's Bazar for 17 coal-fired power plants to be built by 2031. A fact-finding mission from Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon and Waterkeepers Bangladesh has cautioned that the possible environmental or social impact of the power plants to the beach town has not been assessed properly.
Nobody is against development but development should not be a callous way of spending money. Development projects should take into consideration their public utility and the environmental necessity. For this, it needs feasibility study and take due clearance from the Environment Department for every project before its implementation.  
At present Bangladesh is facing various adverse impacts of hostile environment chaotic development activities. Every year thousands of people in coastal belts are turning into climate refugees losing their ancestral homes and cultivable lands. In particular, the country's southeast region Cox's Bazar is now going through a disastrous time due to rampant damage of environment by the Rohingya refugees.
Recently, the government is advancing forward to construct a big power plant at Rampal, adjacent to the World's biggest mangrove forest Sundarbans, despite serious objections by climate experts. Apart from constructing plants or industries, there are so many things done by different quarters, which directly go against the environment. Of them, tree cutting, sand or stone extraction from rivers, erasing hills for housings, et cetera, are mentionable.
What is most disappointing is that the administration reached stalemate for incompetence of the people holding high positions.
If we want to keep our country safe from pollution and other adverse environmental impacts in future, there is no way but to take eco-friendly projects.