FA issues corruption warning

By AFP, London

Several players suspected of links to match-fixing within English football have been warned to report any suspicious activity to the Football Association or face punishment, Britain's Mail on Sunday reported.
FA head of football integrity, David Newton, told the Mail on Sunday that possibly a dozen players in lower league or non-league English football were on a 'watch list' of individuals who cannot be prevented from playing but who are considered 'persons of interest' in the governing body's efforts to root out fixing from the English game.
"In the event that we believe somebody is connected in some way (to fixing) we may remind them of their responsibilities," Newton said.
"We can seek various written confirmations from them that they have nothing they wish to share with us in terms of breaches of our rules or those of any other body or international association, and they will inform us the minute they do become aware of anything."
In March 2013, the FA reminded clubs in the non-league Conference South of their responsibilities to uphold its rules after suspicious betting patterns were reported to it, but no formal police investigation took place on that occasion.