Dithi-Yousuf’s duet original song, Shanta in music video first time


Sheikh Arif Bulbon  :
Now it is seen that in musical shows of different TV channels, singers of present generation have little bit inspiration to render their original songs while performing. In 2016, when talented singer and music director Yousuf Ahmed Khan first performed in Asian TV’s live musical programme with popular singer Dithi Anwar, Dithi inspired him to render his original song during performance in the show. From that time Yousuf is grateful to Dithi and always shows her respect in this regard.
Later, for last four years Dithi and Yousuf performed together in many musical shows in different TV channels and stage performances but they didn’t get the opportunity to render an original song together. For the first time, they rendered a duet original song titled Ekta kotha hoini bola, which was composed by Sakhawat Hossain Maruf. Singer Yousuf himself arranged music of the song, while Sharif Sumon did its mixed master.
On September 14, music video of the duet song was done. Zahidul Islam gave direction of the video. One of the mentionable things was that popular host Shanta Jahan for the first time performed as model in the music video of the song. Few days ago, she got recognition about her hosting. Though Shanta was active in programme hosting and modeling but she did not perform in any music video earlier.
While talking about the duet original song singer Dithi Anwar said, “It is no doubt Yousuf is one of the talented singers of present generation whose melodious voice and rendering style not only but also impressed all. It is true that he has already created his fans by virtue of his singing style. I always feel comfortable to perform with him in musical programmes of TV channels and stage shows. Lyric and tune of our first duet original song are really nice in a word.  Yousuf not only arranged music of the song carefully but also sang well.”
Yousuf shared his feelings by this way, “Dithi Apa is the main inspiration to me to render original song and I am grateful to her in this regard. In case of my work, after my parents she is my inspiration in music. My first original song is with her - it is really a memorable thing to me. I am really delighted to render the song with her.”
“Earlier, I got offer to perform as model in numbers of good songs. Due to working engagement I couldn’t do these. In voice of Dithi Apu and my friend Yousuf the song seemed a matured duet track. I have liked story and my role in the music video, so I agreed to work. I am very much optimistic about the song and its music video,” said Shanta Jahan.