Mohammad Amjad Hossain :
The signing of normalization of relations with Israel by two Arab Gulf countries: United Arab Emirate and Bahrain on 15 September at White House in presence ..." /> Logo



Mohammad Amjad Hossain :
The signing of normalization of relations with Israel by two Arab Gulf countries: United Arab Emirate and Bahrain on 15 September at White House in presence of President Donald Trump gives the impression that there is going to be geopolitical realignment in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is likely to be the next country to sign an agreement with Israel. Qatar in the Arab Gulf country is possibly the only country remaining aloof from signing normalization of relation with Israel. Qatar in the Gulf has had disputes with rest of the countries in the Gulf recently. As a matter of fact, these countries have blocked Qatar. On the other hand, Qatar holds the opinion that the core conflict between Palestinians and Israel is about the drastic condition that the Palestinians are living under as people without a state. Normalizing ties with Israel does not mean normalizing relations with Palestinians.
Having signed a normalizing relation with both Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that this was a pivot of history. It heralded a new dawn of peace while President Trump celebrated deals that established relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
This realignment is possibly directed against Islamic Republic of Iran which has alignment with Syria, Iraq, Qatar in the Middle East plus Turkey. Recently Qatar has had bitter relations with other Gulp countries, including Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries plus Egypt and Jordan cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar on flimsy ground on 5 June of 2o17.Qatar has a relationship with Islamic Republic of Iran.  Against the realignment there is no doubt that the beneficiary is expected to be the State of Israel. Meanwhile, Moscow came forward to say that peace in the Middle East depends on the revival of the Quartet to make Peace efforts. Quartet comprises of European Union, Russia, United Nation and USA formed in 2002 by President George Bush of the United States.
 President Donald Trump is apparently working against the nuclear deal with immediate past President Barack Obama who has succeeded to bring Iran under agreement from reframing building of nuclear bombs. The agreement was signed by five permanent members of the United Nations plus Germany on 24 November 2013 while the International Atomic Energy agency certified on 16 January 2916 that Iran complied with necessary steps from acquiring nuclear bombs. Both Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump of the United States are on the same boat in respect of Iran. Both of them do not subscribe to the opinion of International Atomic Energy that Iran has been complying rules in respect of acquiring bombs.  
The present alignment in the Middle East has the backing of Saudi Arabia whose enemy is Islamic Republic of Iran. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is apparently taking reprisal against President Barack Obama who was behind nuclear agreement with Iran. Both Israel and Saudi Arab are on the same boat. It is relevant to recollect that President Donand Trump was accorded royal reception while he visited after assuming Presidency of the United States of America. Donald Trump is the first President of America to visit Saudi Arabia followed by the state of Israel. President Trump was accorded a rousing reception while he was awarded the highest national award of King Abdul Aziz Saud gold medal. President Donald Trump gave his major foreign policy speech addressing Muslims and Arab on 22 May of 2017 in Riyadh.
By now President Donld Trump has threatened Iran from reframing, attaching the United States to take reprisal for killing Major-General Qasem Soleimani of Iran in January 2020 while President Trump threatened Iran on 22 April to refrain from harassing American oil tankers. In fact, economic sanctions remain against Iran by the USA but the IMF forecast against Iranian oil industry which will be zero growth by 2020.
 President Rouhani is reported to have stated that its arch rival faces maximum isolation after major powers dismissed a US declaration that UN sanction of Iran were back in force under a "snapback mechanism" while France, Great Britain and Germany dismissed the assertion. President Rouhani is expected to rid out the storm caused by such sanction.

(Mr. Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh and former President of Nova Toastmaster International Club of America, writes from Verginia)